Monday, September 08, 2008

Yarn Fish

A couple of things happened this weekend that made me realize fishing has become an obsession with me.

Palacios Pier

After an evening of pier fishing on Friday, I slept soundly and dreamed guessed I casted, reeled and caught fish all night in my sleep. When fishing invades your subconscious, that's a sure sign you're hooked.

And not that I needed any more convincing, but Saturday on our way home from an afternoon of fishing, I saw a grouping of clouds that looked exactly like a trout to me.

Trout Cloud

If you can't see the trout in the sky, don't feel bad, it just means you haven't been afflicted with the fishing sickness yet. I blame John for infecting me. He's had it for years.

I already "suffer" with a little obsession called knitting and now I have this one too. Evidently both were working on me Sunday afternoon because I had the need to knit something fishy. I searched Ravelry and came up with this cute little project.

Yarn Fish

Pattern: Fishy Twashi
Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream
Colors: Robins Egg Blue & White
Needles: US 7 (smaller size than the pattern called for)
Size: Approx. 4" x 6"
Changes: Embroidered the eye instead of knitting or crocheting.

This little fish is designed as dish scrubber. It's the size of a regular kitchen sponge. Twashi, I learned, is a Japanese word meaning scrubber or brush. Though intended originally for kitchen use, it can also be used in the bath. Acrylic yarn is recommended for scrubbing dishes, but cotton is the best choice for a washcloth.

There are lots of cute tawashi patterns on Ravelry and even a group called Tawashi Town for fans of these Japanese inspired scrubbies. I had never heard of a tawashi before yesterday. It's funny where an obsession (or two) can take you.


  1. Love that little fishy scrubber!

  2. There are worse things to be obsessed with. I see the cloud trout!! Just being out in nature is a good reason to fish.

  3. How adorable! A fishy scrubber. That's the first one I have seen.
    Sounds like you are hooked on fishing. That's a good thing.

  4. He (she?) is very cute, indeed. I'm not sure I would knit acrylic for dishes. That sounds a little odd to me, but it could be because I have some sensory issues and wet acrylic is not something I'd want to touch if I could help it.

  5. Doesn't fishing mean you have to get up before sunrise? I think I'll just knit a tawashi instead.

  6. I can totally see the trout in the clouds! :-)

    And I think those little fishy scrubbers could make a cute baby mobile too!

  7. trout clouds! Yes, I see them too!!

    and thanks for the link to the adorable fish scrubby... it's fabulous. (as she wonders if she ever saved that old crumby stiff acrylic)
    Your turned out great!

  8. I see the trout, too!

    The little tawashi would be an adorable baby gift!

  9. I just looked at those tawashi patterns on Ravelry last week, and thought what a cute one that fish was; your's is darling! :-)

  10. I see the trout! :)

    Thanks for the link; I'd never hear of tawashis before. Learn something new every day- thank you!
    Yours turned out so nice.

  11. This fish is adorable and the pattern is simple enough even for me!! I can't wait to try it. Do you think Ike is going to come our way? This sure has been a busy hurricane season.

  12. Love the fishy. What an awesome idea.

  13. Oh, my GOSH! That is too adorable for words! I'm definitely going to try one ASAP - thanks for the tips!!!!

  14. I think it's great that you have an outdoor obsession to balance your indoor obsession! :o) The tawashi is cute. I think I need to make some of these for my kids' Christmas stockings.

  15. I LOVE the fishy scrubby. I know I have to make one for the friends who take us out on their boat. THANKS for the inspiration.

    We fished today in the lagoons near us. We took the canoe out and fished and fished, but didn't catch!

    May God keep you safe and peaceful during the hurricane Ike activity. You are smart to get out early, I would too!

  16. That is what happens whe you live with a SICK MAN....I am glad that I have only a small dose of the fish flu..the other half is the hunting hives!


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