Monday, March 21, 2005

How It All Began

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to learn to knit. My mother-in-law was my inspiration. She learned to knit as a child and continued to knit until her death a year ago. I noticed that even as she grew older she could still make the most wonderful children's sweaters, hats and mittens. I needed a craft like that-- something fun, creative and useful. I had cross-stitched for years, but I was ready for something else. So, in January 2003, with a learn to knit kit I received as a Christmas gift, I sat down and taught myself to knit. After a little practice, I ventured out on my first project--a striped garter stitch scarf made from Red Heart worsted weight yarn (two shades of blue). I don't think I've ever worn it, but I'll probably always keep it. Many projects have been made since--more scarves, hats, baby booties, baby blankets, felted bags, sweaters, socks, mittens and lots of dishcloths. I didn't keep track of these things and most have been given as gifts. So, starting now this blog will help me to keep track of my knitting projects.

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  1. Nice pictures!
    You have inspired many with your determination and skill. My new hobby of fly tying is a result of watching you learn to knit.

    Your projects are made with care and I know that those who have received one of your gifts have been blessed.

    You honor my mother's memory.
    Love JHB

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