Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thank You

It's time to thank my son for helping me get this blog set up. You see, I don't think he knew I would ask so many questions. It must have been frustrating for him, but he never let on. Computer technology is just intuitive for him, but I'm from a different generation. There was still such a thing as a slide rule club in my high school. And, the only computer class I took in college was Fortran language programming. Does anyone remember the key punch machine? That's what we used. If PC's existed then, they were way overpriced for the average person. So thanks for all the help. Visit my son's technology blog if you would like to see how much smarter he is than his mom.

Yesterday was group stitching day. Not many people showed up. I think Spring has everyone out in the yard getting gardens in shape before it gets absolutely too hot. It was already in the 80's yesterday. Last week I told the group about starting a blog. Of course, I had to explain what a blog was and then the response was, "Why would you want to do that?". Oh well, I bet before long they will become curious enough to check it out. I bring my knitting every week, while others work on embroidery and quilting. Yesterday it was the booties I'm knitting for a baby gift. I have one finished and the other one well on the way. They were a big hit with my friends even if blogging isn't.

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  1. Hey pretty lady
    I agree with your assessment of our son. He is a great guy! He has been so patient and helpful. I'm so impressed by your knitting and now to see you blogging is pretty cool.
    Keep it up
    Love ya


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