Thursday, May 11, 2006

Full Disclosure

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They're finished! So here are the details:

Pattern: Sock Therapy from THE SOCK CALENDER Socks for All Seasons

Yarn: Two balls of Crazy Cotton (Same kind of yarn you could win in The Preemie Project Contest)

Needles: US 2 DPNS

These socks call for eyelets just below the rolled cuff in order to added a ribbon tie. I omitted this for two reasons--ribbon ties on socks are not my style and it wouldn't have gone well with the yarn I used.

What I Learned:
When you want to match stripes, plan it out before you knit the first sock. What I did was knit the first sock and then try to match the stipe pattern. I pulled almost half the yarn from the center of the second ball of yarn without reaching the correct stripe sequence. I settled for mismatched stripes instead. Later as I was knitting the foot, I realized I could have matched the stripe sequence, if I would have unwound the yarn from the outside of the ball instead. See how the stipes are mirror images? I assumed the factory would have wound the balls the same, but I guess not.

I need to pay better attention when knitting the second sock! This is often when I make most of my mistakes. This time I somehow forgot to rearrange the stitches when it was time to knit the toe. The stitches on N1 and N3 did not equal the stitches on N2. Of course, I didn't catch it until I was almost finished. Did I rip it out and fix it? No, I just worked a couple of decreases on the bottom of the toe to even everything out and went on from there. It's a minor mistake that will never be seen and in this case doesn't affect fit or comfort. I can live with it.

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  1. These came out great. I went and got the same book and there are several patters that look like fun. I need to attempt a pair to get more comfortable with the dpn's.
    Linda B

  2. Noticed your google bar - that is so cool. How did you add that?

  3. These socks came out SO cute - and the yarn is pretty. I have heard several times about skeins being wound in different directions but I probably wouldn't think about it if it happened to me.

    I'm right there with you on the 2nd sock issue. I must have some kind of 2nd sock confidence that must be suppressed because I seriously have never knit a complete pair of socks that I didn't mess up on #2 and have to re-do it or make adjustments that look all wonky. I've used both solutions to solve the problem. heh

  4. Fantastic job!! Love the texture!! : D

  5. They are lovely, you weren't tricking us they were socks ;)

  6. they are great1! i love the pattern on them...

  7. Wow! I love the pattern and how the stitches twist. I have never used cotton for socks....these came out great.

  8. Oh, these are great! I love the style and color.


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