Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Gift from Aquiles

We are having a good visit with Matt and Carly. It's the first time we've seen them since they went on a mission trip to Mexico at Spring Break and of course, we've been asking lots of questions about their experience.

The Edmond Church of Christ took over 200 people, many of them OC college students, to the Aquiles Serdan Valley to serve the church there and the people living in Aquiles and surrounding villages. Just thinking about the logistics of getting everyone there is mind boggling. The group drove down from Oklahoma in rented vans, bringing with them food for the week, water, tents and teaching materials.

They set up their tent city in Aquiles. From what I hear, this is a remote village in a mountain valley. The people that live there are subsistence farmers. They have very little compared to us. In fact, they just got electricity about three years ago, but it is unreliable at best.

The group from Edmond was able to serve the people in a variety of ways: construction projects, painting, dentistry, insect extermination and Bible teaching. The people were very appreciative of all the good work done, but it was the workers that received the greatest gift from serving.

One of the highlights of the trip for Matt and Carly was the day they hiked two hours to a village on the top of the mountain and helped to conduct a Vacation Bible School for the children. A guide led the way to the village and a burro was used to carry teaching materials and craft supplies that would be needed.

On the night before the group was to leave Mexico, the local ladies brought out their needlework and offered it for sale. Matt and Carly selected a beautiful crocheted doily for me. It is a nice large size, measuring about 21 inches across. I immediately felt a connection to the ladies of Aquiles when I received this gift. I do not speak Spanish and they do not speak English, but we have in common a language of another sort.

I'm posting a video of the trip to Mexico especially for family and friends of the family that visit this blog, but you may be interested to watch also. Matt is the first person on the video after the opening. You'll recognize him by his red hair.


  1. It sounds like Matt and Carly were a blessing to those that they visited. The doily is beautiful! I have some that I bought from some older ladies in Romania and Hungary, they bring back great memories when I use them!

  2. What a wonderful experience for Matt and Carly. One of our local churches sends a much smaller group to Mexico each year. It seems like the kids who go get as much out of it as those that they go to help.

    "Craft" is a common language among women around the world, isn't it?

  3. cherie9:02 AM

    What a great trip and a wonderful video! You must be very proud of Matt...

  4. The video was wonderful! The language your gift speaks is so rich and beautiful!

  5. Wonderful! I'm amazed (though I shouldn't be) at the amount of work and supplies that they were able to give and take care of in such a short time. I looked for others I would know but only recognized your Matt. The energy that comes back from a trip like that is awesome. If only we could bottle it and send it to other congregations. We all need to be reminded that energy and love are magnified in good works and there are good works all around us just waiting!

  6. What a special trip your son got to participate in. My brother would go to the Appalachians on mission trips in high school and it was very meaningful for him.
    The children in the video are so sweet.

  7. The video was very moving. I know you must be proud of Matt and Carly for giving of themselves with their time and labor, along with the rest of the young people there. What noble efforts!

  8. What a great mission trip your son went on. I'm sure that your son see's the world a little differently now. He answered the call of "Make disciples of all nations". You must be proud!
    The crocheted doily is truly lovely.

  9. Wow. Awesome video - special special gift.

    Love your H and the beach photos are so interesting - the jelly fish one is still giving me chills! Eww!! heh

  10. It looks like a really wonderful ministry..and what a perfect gift they brought back for you! How wonderful to have such beautiful work made by another woman far away.

  11. Amazing! What a blessing for all. The doily would so be framed and hung on my wall! A work of (he)art:~D


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