Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Go Yarnin'

This weekend was packed full of activities. It included a wedding rehearsal and dinner on Thursday night for John's nephew, late night fishing off the 1st Street Pier in Palacios on Friday, a bridal shower on Saturday morning for a couple from church, visiting with John's sister and family (from Massachusetts) on Saturday afternoon and then the wedding and reception that night.

The wedding was in Conroe which is on the north side of Houston--the same side of town as my favorite yarn shop, Twisted Yarns. Since it's about 1 1/2 hours from our house...and we were going to be in the area anyway...we should stop in for yarn, don't you think? Our schedule was tight, but I promised John I could get in and out quickly as all I really needed was some Cascade 220.

It's time to knit soakers in the next bigger size for my friend's baby and I was on a mission to find yarn in specific colors. She had already bought these pretty colors of Lion Wool at Hobby Lobby.

Midnight Blue, Cadet Blue, Winter White

But she really wanted something in baby blue and lime green, so I said I'd check TY to see what they had. I found what she wanted plus a couple of other colors I liked. If these don't work for her, I'll keep them myself.

Cascade 220
Paradise Beach, Summer Sky, Lime Heather

Brown Sheep Lanaloft
Orange Confection

I wish I'd had more time to browse at TY. All I could manage though, was a quick glance around while John paid for the yarn. Right away my eye caught sight of two Morning Surf Scarves on display. I have plans to make this scarf and now that I've seen it in person, I'm anxious to get started. (If you're interested in this pattern, but don't want to register to get it, you can print it from here or find it in the Summer 2008 issue of Spin Off.)

I also saw and tried on the store model of Circle Vest (Ravelry link). I had a copy of the pattern in my purse and a whole wall of Noro Silk Garden right in front of me, but no time to make a smart selection on a color. I decided to wait until my next visit, which I have a feeling will be coming up sooner than later. Until then, I have soakers to knit.

Pattern: Curly Purly Soaker
Yarn: Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool
Color: 126 Nature's Brown
Needles: 16" Circular Size US 3, 5, & 7 and US 3 DPNs
Size: Small
Notes: No short rows. Added 1/2" to length.


  1. John has family in Massachusetts? Do you ever come visit them?

  2. The soaker is so cute! You deserve that Noro yarn! Go back soon! ;-)

  3. Sounds like fun! I'm impressed you were able to go "in and out" of a yarn store so fast!!!!

  4. Love your color choices, as always. The has moved into smalls now? I'm glad the soakers are working out for them. Sounds like you had a full weekend. I was thinking of Matagorda when it got soo hot this weekend. We settled for Gran & Papas pool instead and turned on the air. Finally.

  5. I love the Paradise Beach! I may need to find a color like that for my DS! Glad the soakers are working so well for your friend! :)

  6. Gotta love Fisherman's yarn!

  7. You and John sure don't let grass grow under your feet! ;-)

    The yarns are pretty, and the little soakers look so cute!

    I peeked over at the Morning Surf Scarf, and can certainly see why you want to knit one. It's lovely! I like Jackie's Heartstring patterns, too. They're always so simple for me to understand, which is important to me, since that's an area of knitting where I struggle (understanding patterns!).

  8. Such fabulous colours. I love the first of the three especially. Thank you for the links to the patterns. I might give the soakers a go myself.

  9. I just love that scarf pattern.
    The cascade colors you got are gorgeous!

  10. Thanks a lot for calling my attention to that scarf pattern. As if I don't have enough to do. Hmmph.

    I might just have to make it for my son's girlfriend for Christmas.

  11. Twisted Yarn is almost in my backyard and I did not know it existed. Thanks for blogging about this shop - I need to check it out real soon. I live on Spring Cypress but the other direction - map quest says 13 miles. I did not think there were any "real" yarn shops in our area. I am excited and thanks again.

  12. I used cloth diapers way-back-when, but never had knit soakers. How cute!

    Between the preemie hats and the soakers, you deserve time out to knit the scarf for yourself!

    Stay cool! Joan

  13. Loved the title for this post! The soakers are so sweet--what a great idea. Your baby knits are giving me a lot of inspiration thesedays :o) All the yarn eye candy dazzles too--these seaside blues & greens are delicious...Happy knitting! ((HUGS))

  14. Busy Busy my goodness. All the wools are just beautiful. The orange really caught my eye. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  15. I used soakers with both my girls, and loved them - I wish that I ahd been a knitter back then, as hand knit is the best!
    Yours look great.

  16. I really love the Lime Heather. Cute soaker. That's really nice you are doing a larger size for your friend's baby.

  17. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I am a big fan of Cascade 220; I have quite a stash of the stuff. However I have never seen the Paradise Blue before. I love the color, I may need to get some for some for a future project.
    In fact all your color choices look wonderful.


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