Wednesday, July 23, 2008

While the Kids are Away...

...the parents will play.

So what's a pair of empty-nesters to do when there's free time on a Monday evening in the summer? Head to Matagorda, of course, for dinner and fishing afterward.

We were encouraged to see that the water was green all the way to the beach and relatively calm. Usually this means conditions are right for catching fish. We worked our way through the maze of fishermen on the big pier, stepping over rods and walking around ice chests waiting to be filled with fish.

The jetty is where we decided to try out luck. It's not always calm enough to walk out on the rocks, but today the waves were gentle.

John rigged me up with a new lure. We just knew it was going to catch something.

After an hour of fishing...not one bite. That's my limit in the patience department when it comes to fishing. John is more optimistic, thinking the next cast will surely get a fish, so he continued to try. I gave up and sat down to enjoy the remainder of the day.

We refused to be defeated however, so we packed up our gear and took the long way way of the 1st Street Pier in Palacios. Fishing under the lights proved to be better. Between the two of us, I suppose we caught about 100 fish. Most were sand trout (we don't keep these) and an occasional speckled trout (good eating). I blame those almost-big-enough specs for keeping us out way past our bedtime. John has always told me fishing is a sickness, I now know firsthand what he means.

It's no worse than being obsessed with knitting though and since that's the main focus of this blog, here's an update on the yarn from the other day.

My friend wasn't interested in Orange Confection or Paradise Beach for soakers, so both skeins are mine for the keeping. I wasted no time in starting a new project with Paradise Beach. Details next time.


  1. Your part of Texas looks calm and serene. Love the sunset!

  2. I miss Matagorda already.

  3. Beautiful sunset! I love the Orange confection. I've been drawn to orange projects for a few months. What a lovely evening.

  4. 100lbs of fish!!! I can only imagine!

  5. I love the yarn holder. Is that a baby cradle? Really good use if it is.

    The sunset in Texas is always wonderful but the view from VA last night was fabulous. The sun was fire red and it just made me smile.

  6. Wow, that's a ton of fish to catch! What a neat looking lure. Sounds like a fun time! Curious to see what paradise beach will become.......

  7. How peaceful! I hope Dolly doesn't mess up your playground!

  8. ". . .fishing is a sickness."

    I would think the repetition of actions in fishing and knitting is what makes them so calming. That and the ability to let your thoughts flow and go where they will. I am not a fisherman, but that is how I imagine it to be.

    It is wonderful that you and John enjoy and appreciate each other's "sicknesses." I hope both of you are never cured.

  9. You may need to change the name of your blog to Fisherman's Wool! ;-Þ

    I think it would be worth all those trips to the ocean just for the views alone. The pictures are gorgeous!

  10. Ha, Ha, I was going to say pretty much what Nancy said. There is nothing like knitting, as far as I'm concerned, but I get how fishing is that same kind of calming, introspective activity. I really agree that it's wonderful that you appreciate each other's "sicknesses."

  11. Lovely sunset photos. Hope the hurricane isn't heading your way.

  12. Now that is a cliff hanger if I have heard one :) Can't wait to see what your knitting up.

  13. 100 fish!! wow.

    Can't wait to see your new project :-)

  14. OH I found you through Nonni. Another fisher/knitter. YOu are the first I've found. Love to fish. Is there a group for us on raverly?


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