Monday, August 04, 2008

The Fish Weren't Biting...

...but it was a wonderful weekend anyway because our daughter was home for a visit!

Robyn wanted to try kayaking for the first time. We put the boats in at Three Mile Lake for a paddle on Saturday, but it was so hot, we abandoned that pretty quickly in favor of relaxing on the beach.

Relaxing With a Book and Keeping Cool

That turned out to be a good idea. The breeze across the water kept it cool enough for us to enjoy being outside, even on one of the hottest days of the year. Summer is our extreme season for weather. Right now, we are in a hurricane watch as tropical storm Edouard heads our way. If it should become a hurricane, we will evacuate, so don't worry about us.

While Robyn was here, I asked her to teach me a few crochet basics. I want to learn to crochet so I can make the flowers in Crochet Bouquet, a new book written by my friend, Suzann Thompson. Robyn started me out with a pattern called Simple Five. I crocheted a few of these sweet flowers with varying degrees of success. I definitely need more practice.

Learning to Crochet

As we thumbed through the book, I noticed Robyn's eyes light up at all the interesting flower designs in this book. There are about 50 different patterns for flowers and foliage. Each pattern is rated with a skill level, so it's easy to know which ones are suitable for beginners like me. I could tell Robyn was itching to try some of the more detailed flowers, so I returned to my knitting and encouraged her to test out a few of the ones she liked. She worked from my stash of Cotton-Ease and came up with these.

Pretty Flowers

The pansy and the daffodil are her favorites. She gave Suzann's designs and directions a big thumbs up. If you like to crochet, you'll really enjoy this book.

Crocheted Daffodil

Those of you living in the Houston area will be interested to know that Suzann Thompson will be at Yarntopia on August 21 from 5-7 p.m. signing books and demonstrating some of her crochet flower techniques. Visit Suzann's book blog for more information.

I hope to improve my crochet skills by then. I'd love to be able to show Suzann a few flowers that I crocheted myself.


  1. The flowers are very interesting and pretty. The addtition of flowers to a knitted purse give it that special uniqueness.
    Have fun crocheting pretty little flowers. It looks so enjoyable!

  2. You'll get the hang of it. Just a little practice will make the hook do what you need. The flowers are darling!

  3. Those flowers your daughter did are amazing! I'd like to learn to crochet that well.

  4. A little practice and you will be crocheting all the different flowers, too. I bet we will see some decorated preemie hats.

    It must be the week for daughters to come visit - my older DD will be in tonight and stay for the rest of the week. I'm looking forward to her visit!

  5. Glad that you had a good visit with Robyn! I've seen that book, and those flowers are enough to make me want to buy it! You'll be able to make the more difficult ones in no time! I think that crochet is a bit more forgiving of errors than knitting is.

  6. Thanks for sharing about the book! The flowers look amazing!!! They would be super to impellish little projects!! It is on my wishlist!

  7. I don't know how to crochet (I've tried a couple of times); however, I plan to take a basic crochet class this fall. I know that the flowers will be completely out of my league, but they certainly are lovely. The pansy is my favorite.

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

  8. LOVE the crocheted flowers...I'm really impressed with that daffodil! They are all so pretty. I've been learning crochet this year myself. After knitting a good many years, going from two sticks and yarn down to one lone hook was a challenge at first! Those lapping waves and a breeze sounds good...Have fun with your daughter there! Happy Days ((HUGS)) OH, stop by when you get a chance--I'm having some gift giveaway fun at my place this week :o)

  9. I think your flowers look great for your first attempt.

    The other designs look nice too.

  10. Oh, that daffodil is so pretty! I think you'll be crocheting in no time soon.

    So glad you could spend some quality time with your little one! It's always good when they visit, isn't it?

  11. I love how the flowers turned out! It's so nice that you and your daughter can share fiber related activities:~D
    Hope you won't have to evacuate but continue making beautiful flowers.

  12. I think you had the right idea about the looks SO relaxing!

  13. Those flowers are so cute! I especially like the daffodil.

    How nice that you had Robyn there for a visit, and that you share a love of needle work. :-)

  14. what wonderful little flowers! I want to be that good at crochet someday too! Perhaps I'll try to find that book here.

  15. sweet flowers.
    And I love that photo of you sitting in the ocean reading :-)

    finger's crossed that the hurricane passes you by.

  16. Thanks so much for showing the flowers that Robyn made from my book. They look very nice!

    It's such a thrill for me when I see other people crocheting those flowers.

  17. Thanks for sharing the book info - I had not seen that one yet. I love the crochet flowers all of them!
    They would look really cute on the side of knitted hats!

  18. I bet Robyn is done with the book now, seeing as she was half way through in the picture! The flowers are really cool. So intricate. I've decided that crochet is like knitting. I learn with every project. The more I try the more I'll learn. I hope the hurricane skips you!

  19. I am glad you guys had a nice weekend in spite of the fish not showing up! I guess we know where to find you near the end of August!

  20. This looks like such a fun book. I've seen it on several blogs and have ordered it but it hasn't come yet. How nice that you know the author.


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