Friday, August 08, 2008

Hot Off the Needles

A new batch of Curly Purly Soakers is finished!

Curly Purlys in a Row

Left to Right:
Lion Wool-Midnight Blue, Lion Wool-Winter White, Lion Wool-Cadet Blue, Cascade 220-Summer Sky, Cascade 220-Lime Heather

It's hard to beat this pattern--cute, quick to knit and fits well. My favorite way to knit them is to omit the short-row shaping and add 1/2" to the length. My friend was excited when I delivered them to her on Wednesday night.

A few weeks ago she expressed an interest in learning to knit, so I decided to look for a soaker pattern that would be well suited to a brand new knitter. Curly Purly might be considered beginner friendly to some, if you leave out the short rows, but it requires three different sizes of circular needles and a set of double pointed needles. That's a lot of money to invest in needles to start with, especially if you're not sure knitting is something you will even enjoy.

I found a pattern I thought would be better for a beginner and decided to test knit it.

1932 Ribbed Soaker

Pattern: 1932 Ribbed Soaker Pattern
Yarn: Cascade 220-Sage Heather
Needles: US 5 straight (and DPNs optional)

The design is simple: knit a long strip of 2x2 ribbing and sew along the sides leaving an opening for the legs.

Omitting the eyelet row and I-cord would make this soaker even easier for a beginner.

It is completely optional, as are the leg cuffs. I picked up the stitches for the cuffs after the body was sewn together and knit them in the round on DPNs. However, the stitches could be picked up and knit flat before seaming if you prefer.

The only drawback to this soaker is that it seems to take forever to knit. A new knitter might lose interest before it's finished. I almost did, but I kept slogging along until I reached the end...perhaps a simple baby bib is a better project to learn on.


  1. So this is a dumb question....I'm new to soakers....are these for use with cloth diapers? they really work? Thanks!

  2. The Curly Purlys looks great! I know that your friend will love them! The ribbed soaker would put me to sleep too! That kind of knitting is hard for me to work on! It looks nice when done though.

  3. Nice collection of soakers and a wonderful gift for a friend.

    Curly Purly would be a good pattern for a beginner, even with the endless ribbing. Definitely by the time it is finished, the knit and purl stitch would be mastered. Many veteran knitters have never picked up stitches, so the cuffs on this soaker is a good introduction for that skill.

  4. Beautiful soakers. I'm sure she was excited! I'd start off with the bib o love and then have the soaker be project number 2. It's neat that she wants to learn herself.

  5. How wonderful that your friend wants to learn to knit. You would be just the right person to teach her.
    The soakers look great!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing those patterns! I think I'll give them a try.

  7. The Curly Purlys are so cute and colorful! What a great gift! And the simpler pattern looks good, too. Did you try it on a model to see how it looks and feels on a little one?

  8. Adorable, and thank goodness your blog is back up!

  9. Though it's cooled down a bit here, it's been so hot lately that I look at those soakers and think of how hot that baby's bottom must be. But I know otherwise it's plastic pants (or plastic covered disposables), so I guess baby bottoms are just destined to be warm. Though I do remember letting my kid out in the yard occasionally bare bottomed when it was that hot (in the shade, of course).

  10. Nice soakers , the colors are so cheerful there together in the picture. It would be fun to be able to teach a friend to knit!

  11. I am so going to have a go at the curly purlys, they look fab. The other soaker would bore me, and I hate too much rib. Definitely think a bib is better. More interesting.
    The sheep from the previous post is so sweet, love the detailed body pattern

  12. Cute soakers, I love the colours you chose. I've been tempted to try knitting some myself. I love the baby bib o love pattern! It is so simple, yet cute, especially in fun bright colours. A perfect first project because it's so quick to knit also!

  13. Whether it's stacks of preemie hats, or soakers, your great photos are always so inspiring!

  14. Awww! Your soaker pattern is about sixteen year too late for me. We wanted to use cloth diapers with Paige and had to spend a ton on the little woolen soakers that a few baby companies were selling back then.

    I've been off-line for a few days, so I hadn't seen your little sheep. I'm in love with it. He would make a cute Christmas decoration.

  15. Your soakers are wonderful...and I like the line-up of colors! The 1932 soaker patter is great--definitely a better option for new beginners. I think I might have to go for this one for my sister's baby later, she's like the retro-flair. Happy Knitting ((HUGS))

  16. great soakers.
    You sure have been just crankin' these out :-)

  17. Love them all! We're big soaker lovers here too, and CP is one of my favorites. I may have to try it without short rows! I always hate that part. The pleats seem to get in my way and my turns look messy.

  18. What beautiful soakers - now if only I can convince my daughter that she needs some for the new baby....


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