Monday, May 05, 2008

A Cotton Classic

Knitted, photographed, wrapped and gifted. All that's left to do now is blog about these cute little shoes.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Pattern: Boy's Booties from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic (100% Mercerized Cotton)
Color: 3818 Blue
Needles: US 6 (4mm) straight
Size: 0-3 months

Twisted Cord Tie

I like the way these booties are constructed. They are knitted flat, then folded in half and sewn together with one seam. When I cast on, I leave a long tail of yarn to use later for sewing. Starting at the top, I sew my way down the back and across the bottom of the sole. This is opposite the direction you are supposed to go, but it works for me. Also, the pattern recommends sewing the seam with right sides together, but I get better results with wrong sides together, using mattress stitch for the back and a whip stitch for the sole.

Garter Stitch Sole

The seam line on the right shoe isn't quite as neat as the one on the left, but I think that has less to do with the sewing of the seam and more to do with the knitted stitches on the edge of the seam being a little loose. Most likely the stitches will even out when these booties are washed, but I didn't have time for that.

Back Seam

These little booties were wrapped and whisked away to a baby shower almost as soon as they came off the needles. All I have now are the pictures and enough left over yarn to knit another pair or two.

Look for me to begin a stash of Tahki Cotton Classic. It really is as nice as I had heard. And you can't beat the selection of colors.


  1. CC is a great yarn and you can make so many wonderful things with it. The booties are precious!!

  2. How precious! I'm sure the recipient will love them!

  3. Those are adorable. I've been starting a few new baby knits - I'll have to add these to the list!

  4. Cute booties! The babys are just coming out of the wood work these days. I've never tried Tahki CC. I'll have to remember it. I like to make the baby sweater from last minute knits using cotton.

  5. Cute! I have some CC in the stash that I've not yet tried. I'm looking forward to using it now!

  6. You now have me wanting to knit booties, and to get some of that yarn. Those are so cute, and I bet the new mom loved them!

  7. Okay my list of patterns to knit for babies has just gotten longer. Cute!!!!!!!!!

  8. SockPixie4:59 PM

    The booties are lovely.I have been knitting with cotton lately and I love it. I have not tried this yarn yet, but I will soon!

  9. Oh so adorable! I really should knit some booties for a friends baby coming in June. I'm just a little apprehensive. Your post just may have given me the right push forward!

  10. I love those - so masculine!

  11. Darling booties, Tracy. They remind me of one of the pattern I've seen in Fifty Booties to Knit by Zoe Meller.

  12. Those are wonderful! Those are some booties with attitude! ;o) They'd look good too in feminine color for a girl too...nice, flexible pattern. Thanks for the tip on the publication the pattern comes from. With my sister having a baby in the fall I'm looking out for all sorts of goodies to make for her and the new tiny one! Happy Day :o)

  13. They turned out beautifully! I love Tahki Cotton Classic, too.

  14. I love these! I'd like to find a good baby bootie pattern that I can whip out as need arises. I have som tahki cotton classic in the stash but haven't tried it yet.


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