Friday, May 23, 2008

J is for Jetty

The jetty in Matagorda, Texas on a peaceful day.

A long pier leads to the huge slabs of granite that break the waves before they reach the shore.

Birds often congregate on the calm side of the jetty in Matagorda.

Though this jetty is the one we visit most often, I've seen and photographed several other jetties on our travels.

Walking the jetty in Port Aransas, Texas just before sunset.

Moss covered jetty in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Fishing from the jetty in Freeport, Texas.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Oh your pictures are gorgeous! They make me want to go visit and enjoy the beauty all around us!

  2. I think your selection for J is original - and the photos are stunning!

  3. There is the Spiral Jetty in Utah but it's a bit hard to get to...very out of the way, but worth a day trip. All the jetty's you've visited are so beautiful and calming.

  4. It is georgeous!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Makes me wish I was going to visit the ocean.

  6. Awesome pictures, Tracy. You have us all wanting to be near the ocean, I'm sure! :-)

  7. Nice perspective on those shots Tracy. I am enjoying all your pictures.

  8. Beautiful pics. I miss the ocean! :o) I am behind and need to get my J post up before I am behind on K! LOL


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