Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Curly Purly Soakers

I knit two more soakers for my friend at church.

I read on one of the Ravelry groups that it's good to have 5-6 soakers in each size. The addition of these two bring the total I've knit to five in the newborn size. I gave them to my friend last week and she was thrilled.

It turns out I finished just in time too. On Monday, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing just over eight pounds. I probably better get started on some larger sizes.

16" circulars US 3, 5 & 7 and US 3 DPNs

Patons Classic Wool Merino in Denim Marl

Nature Spun Worsted Weight in Salmon
Lion Wool in Midnight Blue


  1. She gave birth on Monday? I picked up the finished soaker on Monday and though, "oh I need to get this in the mail." Then I thought, no you need to block this first, you are sending it to a knitter who notices these things. :) I am leaving the computer right now to go and block! Mine will be in the mail by Friday. I made the medium size soaker. How great that she will have enough in newborn size!

  2. That has to be the best baby gift ever!

  3. Thanks for sharing that pattern. One of my charity groups has been asking for soakers, and this pattern looks perfect.

    Did you lengthen the waist band on the ones you knit?

  4. Those are so cute. What a blessing you are to that friend!

  5. What very nice gifts for your friend. Looks like you finished in the nick of time. I do like all the different colors you used.

    BTW I just tagged you over at my blog. Do you want to play along?

  6. Very cute. And what a great baby gift! And good for mom for being willing to use them.

  7. Oh, my gosh, these are absolutely adorable! I'm absolutely going to try these. Thanks so much for sharing! Thanks for the comment on the roses as well. Here's hoping both our New Dawns have a happy blooming summer ahead!!


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