Monday, June 02, 2008

An Old Friend

I aired out Optic Waves Shawl at the beach this weekend.

It hasn't been out of the knitting bag since early May, but I intend to reacquaint myself with this project starting today. I suspect it will be like getting together with an old friend after being apart for a long time--a few awkward pauses in the beginning, but then quickly back to comfortable conversation.

I'm halfway through the recommended 27 repeats, though I may stop before that. Knit to size, this shawl will be 80" in length, which is probably too long for my 5' 4" height.

Time to go break the ice with my old friend, picking up the conversation right where we left off: repeat 14, row 1 of 12.

Before I leave though, a few pictures from the weekend.

West Jetty

Pool at Low Tide
Very Large Shoe Print

Setting Sun

Successful Fisherman in Silhouette


  1. I love the beach. Sigh.

  2. Such a beautiful place to spend your weekends! Your pictures are always so good. Love the LARGE shoe print. I hear you should make wraps the same length as you are tall. You won't have far to go if you do that. ;-)

  3. The wrap/shawl is working up nicely. You always pick the best knitting spots! I moved between the yard and the couch all weekend. It was peaceful though. I like downtime. Sometimes, too much. :)

  4. Hummmm knitting with an old friend it can be the best. Your shawl is working up very nice. Love the color I think it will look very nice on you. Beach knitting what could be better.

  5. great beach photos.
    and your analogy of getting re-acquainted with your shawl to the conversation with an old friend is lovely... and oh so true.

  6. Tracy, I love the analogy you used..."a few awkward pauses in the beginning, but then quickly back to comfortable conversation". That's so true!

    I also love the way so much of your knitting is inspired by the place you spend so much time. One can't look at that shawl without conjuring up undulating ocean waves.

  7. These are really great photos! I always feel like you bring us along with you when you take and share these photos. So much fun.

  8. I love your shawl - so beautiful - I mastered the cupcake pattern and am so excited! I ended up with size 6 needles and simply soft yarn - works great for me - the the little ball indention at the top really completes the cupcake. Thanks again for your help. Anne

  9. have such a way with photos...And not least, knitting! The shawl is just lovely...great pattern, and the subtle coloration in the yarn add a nice touch. Happy Days :o)

  10. Oh, how pretty! I look forward to seeing it modelled by you - at the beach, of course!

  11. So gorgeous...and by that, I mean both shawl and beach. The giant "footprint" is a hoot!

  12. I love the footprint shot. As always your pictures are stunning. The shawl is very pretty! Nice work!

  13. Is it just me or do the West Jetty and the Old Friend seem to have the same pattern? Love the Old Friend pattern and the color of the yarn. Hmmmmmmm.


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