Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Newborn Hat Project

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Twisted Yarns is a great yarn store in the Houston area. It is located in Spring right on the way to Old Town Spring. And even though it is over an hour from my house, it is my favorite. The staff is friendly and helpful and the store is well organized and stocked. Recently I read about their Newborn Hat Project and decided to join. Basically all you do is stop by the store, sign up, take some free yarn and a free pattern or two and knit some hats. When you bring the finished hats back to the store, you will receive a coupon (one per hat) for $1 off any purchase. This project benefits St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in The Woodlands. I bet there is a hospital in your area that could use some newborn or preemie hats. Check with your LYS or local hospital to see if they have a program or start one of your own like Laura did. I came across her Preemie Project the other day. Her project currently sends donations of preemie hats, booties and blankets to a deserving hospital in Iowa. Click here to get all the specifics. Also, visit the volunteer page for links to some great patterns.


  1. Thank you for discussing The Preemie Project on your blog. Every little bit of exposure helps so much. I appreciate it!

  2. Hey! I didn't realize you were around Houston! And I didn't know there's a shop in Houston! Should have figured in a city that size. My SIL lives in Kingwood. We'll be there next year when we fly back from Germany. It'd be great to meet up!! I'll try to get a couple of hats knit up for the Preemie Project!


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