Saturday, May 28, 2005

Slowly But Surely

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The Meadow Flowers Shawl is growing, be it ever so slowly. Right now it measures 10 inches from the point to the edge. A more deligent knitter would be almost finished by now. However, I've decided not knit on it unless I know I have a good chunk of time to knit uninterrupted and I'm not too tired to concentrate. Lately, that means I haven't been working on it much. What I'm trying to do is avoid careless mistakes, because I've found that this yarn is really hard to "unknit". The long hairs tend to get knotted and it can become very frustrating to rip out. My plan--MAKE NO MISTAKES. Yeah, I know that's not going to happen, but maybe if I'm really paying attention I can catch a wrong stitch before I start a new row. So, this project may take some time to complete.
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I've been trying out some new preemie hat patterns. I'm not really sold on either of these. Although, I think they look better in the picture than in person. Maybe I should donate them afterall. If not, they will make cute hats for some little girl's baby doll.

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