Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Summer Stitch Markers

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The calender may say Spring, but school's out and temperatures are in the 90's. It's Summer to everyone here in Needville, Texas. Today I actually got to stay home, so I made these markers. I was able to knit on the shawl too. It is now 16 inches from tip to edge. Pretty good progress I think. I've knit nine pattern repeats, only nine to go and then the border. Of course, the stitch count continues to increase and each repeat takes a little more time to complete. If I can knit an average of 5 repeats a week, I can be finished in a couple of weeks. Hope so. It's hot outside, but air conditioning in public places is often set low. We went to the movies the other night and it was freezing in there. Maybe next time we go I'll have a new shawl to keep me warm.


  1. Love those markers! I've seen charms like those. They're so neat. Don't you just love the nice weather? it's only ini the mid 70's up here in eastern Iowa. I don't envy your high temps. I would be so happy if it were 75 here all year round.

  2. i love your stitch markers. i have the same charms here at home. i think i'll make some. great idea! thanks.


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