Thursday, June 16, 2005

You Can Take It With You

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It's hard to get any knitting done if you're never home. That's the way it's been for me lately. I did start this hat for The Preemie Project yesterday while I was waiting to meet my husband for lunch. Today will be another day of the running the roads, so the hat will be coming with me...just in case.
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When I was buying groceries the other day at Wal-mart, I stopped by the craft department like I usually do and found several skeins of yarn on clearance. Just perfect for all the preemie hats I want to knit. I'm all stocked up now...and organized too. I thought these muslin lined grass baskets were a great deal at just under $5.


  1. I love those baskets. They're really nice. I found one of my knitting baskets at walmart too. They have some really cut eones for great prices.
    Notice that I said one of my knitting baskets. I have three full of yarn plus 2 plastic tubs under my bed and two 3-drawer large holders for yarn. Oh my stash s starting to over take the house! (that counts the donated yarn from The Preemie Project) The crazy thing about that is that I don't even have 1/4 the stash that a lot of knitting bloggers do.

  2. oh i have to check out my walmart for those baskets! Cute yarn, I like the cotton tots for careful when seaming...the yarn isn't the strongest!


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