Monday, June 13, 2005

A Little Lace

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I liked the way this hat turned out so much that I knit another as soon as I finished the first! This pattern is not complicated and would be good for those who are ready to try lace knitting, but not ready for a big project. The finished hat is really only a little bigger than a swatch you might knit for a shawl or scarf. These two hats are going to The Preemie Project. I hope you will read about this charity project and join me in knitting for such a good cause. You might notice in the picture from my last post that the yellow hat originally did not have a ribbed band. As I was knitting I began to wonder about that and checked the pattern to find out that somehow I completely overlooked the line that said "Work 7(7,5) rows 2x2 rib"! But, I was able to fix the situation by picking up stitches later and knitting the rib. I used a 1x1 rib instead. And since I used a different weight yarn than the pattern called for, I made a few other modifications. Below is my version of Sandra Huffines Lacy Hat. Please note that the pattern is Sandra's and she deserves all the credit.

Modified Lacy Hat (for sm-med preemie)
Yarn: Sport or Sport D.K.
Needles: US #3
CO 54 sts.
Work 1x1 rib for 1 inch (about 5 rows I think)
Row 1: *Sl1, k2, psso, k3*
Row 2: *P4, yo, p1*
Row 3: *K3, sl1, k2, psso*
Row 4: *Pl, yo, p4*
Rpt Rows 1-4 for a total of 6 times
BO and close top.
Sew seam.
Add small pom-pom to top.


  1. Oh those are so darling. I will have to make some out of that pattern. There are just so many patterns to choose from!

  2. They are so cute...I am copying the pattern! Did you use the bamboo addis for the lace work...that is my real concern. I guess I could buy a pair to can never have too many needles!

  3. Hello!
    Could I please add your version of Sandra's hat on my website, on the same page as Sandra's pattern? I will give you full credit and copyright for your version.

    Please email me and let me know.
    bevqual @
    Bev Qualheim


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