Monday, June 27, 2005


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As you can see, it was a good weekend for knitting hats for The Preemie Project. We traveled to Brownwood, Texas to attend my son's band/drum major camp performance. And, since that's six hours from here, I was able to knit quite a bit while my husband drove. These hats bring the total number to fourteen. I haven't set a goal yet. I'm just planning to knit as many as possible. It's fun to try new patterns for these little hats. So if you want to try them too, read on. I made some modifications to match my yarn and the size I wanted, but I won't go into all those details...just some general notes. The square Jester Type Hat (the blue one and the yellow one in the middle) has become one of my favorites. The square blue and white striped hat is a little different and is loosely based on this pattern (click to see the cute baby even if you don't want to knit the hat). The solid pink hat is a spiral rib design (nice pattern but I think I will make a few changes in the way the decreases are knit next time). The small green one can be found here (I'll use a different ribbing next time-- this one was too much work). And of course, the tried and true rolled brim will always be a favorite.


  1. Oh, so sweet! I love every one of them! Many babies will be blessed by your talented hands.

  2. Oh they are all so cute! you are a wonderful person to do these for babies.

  3. You've been busy! look at you go! I wish I had so much more finished than I do. I've had to cut my knitting time in half. Half for charity and the other half for everything else.
    Oh and those are all so cute!

  4. I love all of your hats!!! It's all I can do just to get through one tiny blankey!!!! HAHA! I'm sure Laura (and the babes) will appreciate all of your knits!


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