Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Teddy Bear

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You can find the free pattern for this teddy bear here. I knit mine from Red Heart Casual Cot'n. This is a heavy worsted/bulky weight yarn with a lot of texture. I like the way this yarn gives the bear a homespun look. I used size 6 dpns and knit in stockinette stitch instead of the recommended garter stitch. And, when the pattern said to knit for 1?"(3 1/2 cm), I just knit until the proportion looked right. For me that was about 2 inches. This bear turned out to be 11 inches tall, but you could make it just about any size you want by adjusting the yarn and needles. It was fun to knit, but just know that you might have to play around with the pattern a little to get the look you want. The arms turned out a little long, but I was able to fix that when I did the seaming. Next time I will probably cast on fewer stitches for the arms. I originally thought I would give this to one of the new babies at church, but would it be wrong to keep it for myself? He's sitting on my desk now--sort of a knitting mascot.


  1. That is really cute. I love the way it looks like he has lifted his face to the sun. I'm going to have to make some of those for Christmas for the kids I think.

  2. He's darling--what a fun project. If you're looking for a fun "mascot" project, do a search for "Sam the Ram" or "Sue the Ewe"--they are super cute and Sam is on my to do list :)
    Happy knitting.

  3. oh that's cute! I didn't like the pattern but perhaps it was the yarn I was using. I might have to give it another try.

  4. kfc2003,
    Sam and Sue are really cute. Have you made them? I was wondering if the patterns were difficult to follow. I'm replying here because I couldn't find your email.

  5. He's adorable!! Too cute. I need to get on the ball and make some preemie hats! It'd actually be the perfect hot-weather knitting!


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