Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Looking Back Part II

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After knitting my first "pair" of socks, I discovered Magic Stripes yarn from Lion Brand. It is a blend of superwash wool (75%) and nylon (25%). It is inexpensive, only about $6 a skein and can be found at craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby. One skein is enough for a pair of socks. I used a basic pattern something like this one and let the yarn do all the work. These socks are holding up well and no special care is needed--machine wash and dry with all your other laundry. I like this yarn and was excited to find some on clearance the other day. I bought three skeins for only $12! So now you know, I'm not a yarn snob. However, I am using a premium yarn for the socks I'm knitting now. More later.


  1. LB Magic Stripes is a great yarn at a great price, in my opinion. It wears extremely well. I wish that LB would make a solid version for basic socks and gloves.

    Can't wait to see the socks you are working on...

  2. I second the wish for solid color Lion Brand sock yarn. That would be so great. Your socks look wonderful.

  3. Hey, love your socks! I have never looked for sock yarn at Hobby Lobby! I'll have to go check them out. I just ordered more yarn (solid colors) from KnitPicks....

  4. I have lots of wishes for Lion Brand yarn. I wonder if they would listen? Hm.

    I actually find a better price on similar products (by different makers) at my LYS. I'm not really in love with the Pattons Kroy, but I like it better and think it's a little softer than the LB magic stripes and comes in more colors.

    I've got a skein of LB magic stripes and have knit and frogged at least four pair of socks from it. I really need to just make some for Emeline and call it good, but can't seem to find a good pattern in her size. I need to just use a "build your own" sock pattern with her measurements. I'm sure it would be a good learning experience and I wouldn't feel so bad about having that darn skein of sock yarn laying around unused! :)

  5. Lovely socks. Glad to hear about the different yarns. If the yarn is good quality and holds up, then I say knit away!

  6. I love the socks. First time I saw self striping sock yarn I was in awe. I kept searching for the woven-in ends on the reverse and couldn't find them. It made me think I was a complete novice until the salesperson pointed out the self-striping yarn. Whew! I just bought some sock yarn from KnitPicks.com. The yarn is great, self striping, and EVER SO AFFORDABLE. Have you tried it yet?


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