Tuesday, December 19, 2006

At Least There Are Presents

The tree is not decorated yet, but most of the presents are wrapped. Here's a little gift I put together for my neighbor.

Gingerbread Coffee Creamer and Felted Coasters

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Jean shared the recipe for this tasty creamer on her blog recently. I decided to try it and I really enjoyed the spicy flavor. I used it in a cup of coffee, but it can also be added to hot tea. If you like your coffee or tea extra sweet, you will probably want to add more sugar. I liked it just the way it is.

The coasters were knitted from a pattern in Felted Knits. They are worked on circular needles back and forth in garter stitch and then stitches are picked up all around for the border which is also worked in garter stitch.

You can find a free pattern for felted coasters here. They are round instead of square and worked in stockinette stitch.

These coasters are a great way to use up leftover bits of yarn. Also, you might consider knitting one as a test swatch for a larger felted project. Not only will you get a good idea of how well the yarn will felt, you will also have a finished object to add to your list.


  1. A tasty and wonderful neighbor gift...or gift for anyone. Nice work.
    Are you excited for Christmas? I'm so glad Smith didn't make me wait;-)

  2. Felting coasters as a swatch is a great idea, Tracy! That gift looks really lovely.

  3. LOVE the felted coasters idea to go along with. I added cinnamon and more sugar to my creamer. Just made another batch. I didn't feel like driving all the way to IKEA today so I bought a bunch of German coffee creamer (real cream) that comes in cute little bottles with flip tops. I'm going to pour those into something and recycle the bottles for the gingerbread creamer.

  4. That Jean has some darn good links, eh?:-) I LOVe the felted coasters!

  5. Great coasters! I hope your neighbor enjoys the gift.

  6. Mama Bear5:44 AM

    Lovely gift. The coasters look so nice the way you have them tied up with the ribbon, and the creamer sounds yummy!

  7. What a lovely gift! I've printed up the recipe and round coster pattern- I'm such an idea thief.

  8. What a great gift! Thanks for the links. Hope your holidays are great!! :)

  9. Thanks for the link. what a great idea! Happy Holiday!


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