Monday, April 23, 2007


007 Snap a Dozen Days

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April is all about baseball. Nothing is more highly anticipated for a baseball fan than opening day. The season is a long one, beginning in April and lasting though September. Teams play a game six days out of seven each week (except for a few days off for the All Star game in July). Then it's the playoffs and the World Series in October. Sounds like that would be enough to hold a fan over for the five months off, but it's not. Not for me anyway. So, April is a welcome month. Baseball is back and all is well again.


  1. We love baseball in our house too! But April is divided between baseball and playoff hockey. My NJ Devils just advanced yesterday, so we are happy here!

  2. I'm a baseball fan, too. Must make it to a Bees game this year!

  3. I used to be a huge Braves fan, but then I almost entirely stopped watching baseball in college. I've started watching again the last couple of seasons, although now that my favorite player is on the Mets, I watch them most often.

  4. I'm not big into watching baseball on TV but I love how it validates the change of seasons and that it's part of what makes you know that things are the way they should be. Traditions. A favorite memory of my grandfather is how he used to listen to Tigers games on the radio in his recliner in the summer when I would watch movies in the back room with my grandmother after taking a bath at night. I really love that memory. And I love getting to go to my son's baseball games. :)

  5. My son is a HUGE Braves fan inspite of growing up just outside of Boston. He would love nothing more than to have the hat and shirt you have pictured...LOL!

  6. What, not a Rangers or Astros fan? We're all about the Red Sox up here in N.E. ;o)


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