Friday, March 07, 2008

Catch-up Day

I finally got to stay home yesterday. I put on my "comfy clothes" (one notch more presentable than pajamas) and tackled the mountain of laundry accumulated over the week. In between loads I answered questions from my FHBS students; replaced burned out light bulbs (not my favorite chore); and knit.

Three preemie hats were added to two I already had finished.


Rolled-Brim Preemie Hat

Yarn: Bernat Satin Sport (100% Acrylic)
Color: Seashore and Meadow
Needles: US 5 DPNs
Size: 1-3 lbs

I'm using Bernat Satin Sport for the first time and I love it. Satin is a good name for it. Another good name would be silk. It's extremely soft for an acrylic yarn, which makes it perfect for a baby's delicate skin.


When I use up both skeins, I'll send these hats to work with John to deliver to Hannah's Knitsters. Amy and Laurie have started a knit-at-lunch group for the employees of the company. Their focus is charity knitting in honor of Amy's daughter Hannah.


I'd love to join them for lunch and knitting one day. I'd even be willing to change out of my "comfy clothes" for that.


  1. Wow, Tracy! I just love the hats that you made! I'm so proud that you chose our group to gift them to. (BTW - We're going at lunch to buy some of the Bernat yarn that you used - it looks so nice!)

    Thanks so much for your contribution. And, we'd love to have you join us for lunch anytime! Let us know, so that we can all be there!


    "Hannah's Mommy"

  2. So darling and the group sounds right up your alley!

  3. Since I've been sick this past week, I've worn nothing but my comfy clothes. Mine are decent enough to answer the door to the mailman, but that's about it. ;-Þ

    I have seen Bernat Satin in Wal-Mart so many times, and always thought if felt so soft. I never really thought of anything to knit with it, though. Now I know what I can use it for. Thanks!

  4. So sweet, Tracy.

  5. You are so cute, I love the comfy clothes comment. I think your charity knitting is inspirational. I know you aren't sharing this work to get comments about yourself but I have to say that anyway. I just appreciate how you work and think about your knitting.
    Beautiful hats. Beautiful gesture.
    Thank you.

  6. Thanks for sharing the new yarn. Since I am trying to knit 100 hats changing up the colors and kind of yarn, sure helps the boredom factor! They are cute with the strips.

  7. Those hats are just adorable! It is nice to see some yarn to use for babies that isn't pastel! I'm sure that the babies and their families will love the little hats!

  8. I've only seen the Bernat Satin Sport in solid colors...must go look for the multi! :)

  9. Love your little hats - the colors remind me of ice cream :)
    Now I have to go check out Walmart and see if they carry the multi!

  10. What sweet little hats - they look so soft and I love the colors.
    Hannah's Knitsters looks like a wonderful group.

  11. How wonderful to spend the day in comfy clothes! The hats are so sweet and adorable. I have never used the Bernat yarn before. I will take your word that it works great for babies. I need to start knitting for a wee small babe soon. My girlfriend is having her first grandchild in June.

  12. raminthethicket6:36 AM

    I like that seashore colorway, it striped nicely ;o)


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