Monday, August 07, 2006


Inspired by Jan, I dug out the needle felting kit that I bought over a year ago, but never used, and tried my hand at adding some embellishment to one of the bowls I made the other day.

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Not bad for a first attempt. I found it was easy to position the yarn into a design with a few stabs of the felting needle and then remove it and reposition it if wasn't to my liking. Once it was right, multiple stabs of the felting needle permanantly embedded the yarn into the bowl. The yarn I used was White Buffalo, which is unspun wool. It worked great for needle felting.


  1. looks great! What do you do with these when your done with them?

    Very nice! You got such wonderful talent!

  2. Your bowl looks great!!! I'll have to try needle felting someday. That bowl is fabulous...

  3. First attempt!? Looks great. Needle felting isn't very easy the first time out. Nice work!

  4. I think it looks fantastic!

  5. That really looks great! I like your first attempt more than my first attempt, LOL.

  6. Donna6:57 PM

    Well done! You've done a beautiful job :)

  7. That really came out great - I love the colors and design you used!! I've got so many little things OTN, but I really REALLY want to make a few of these! I love the bright look of the blue. :)

  8. We love your bowl.

    Suzann and Eva


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