Monday, August 14, 2006

We're Here

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Arrived safely in Edmond, Oklahoma. We're camping at Central State Park and enjoying it even though it is very hot. High temperatures have been over 100 degrees. I'm glad our travel trailer has air conditioning.

We moved Matt into his dorm yesterday. It's very nice for a freshman dorm, just recently remodeled. The name of his dorm is Fails'. Couldn't they have named it "Succeeds" or at the very least "Passes"? I'm sure it must be named after a benefactor by that name, but still.

I decided to finish John's Trekking sock last night and I would have, but I ran out of yarn. I only need enough for one more round and then some to seam the short row toe. I decided to see if Hobby Lobby had anything I could use. They didn't, but I found this.
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This yarn is a lot like the unspun White Buffalo wool that I've used for felting before. I see another felted bowl in my future.

Tomorrow we are going to visit a yarn shop in Guthrie. I hope to find some sock yarn that will blend well with John's sock or maybe I'll get lucky and find the same colorway of Trekking XXL. Check back later for a "yarning" report and maybe even a Trek with a finished pair of socks.

P.S. Panera Bread is a good spot for free WiFi. The food is good too.


  1. Rykert and I have breakfast at Panera nearly every Sunday. Oh those egg souffles! Interesting yarn, I'll have to check it out.

    Keep enjoying your trip!

  2. Have fun at the yarn shop in Guthrie - I can't wait to go back and get more of that silk sock yarn (can't remember the name right now) because I gave mine away as a gift! What was I thinking? heh

  3. That place looks so peaceful.

    I had to chuckle at 'Fails' a bit of an unfortunate name just the same.

  4. Had to laugh at the dorm name. I attended an elementray school on Fail Road, and knew a man who taught English named Harvey Fails! Best wishes to your son!

    Mama Bear

  5. what colorway do you need for Dad's sock? If you don't find it in Guthrie, I can look for it at a yarn shop around here...we can take a trip when you visit. Can't wait to see you! Give Mimi a hug from me.

  6. Glad you're enjoying a relaxing vacation. I hope Matt has a great year. Seems like they should have added the rest of the benefactor's name to the dorm. Fails just seems so negative.

  7. Could you post a photo of the socks, PLEASE??? I'm dying to see what they look like!

    Travelling around a bit and visiting different fiber shops...what more could a gal ask for???


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