Friday, February 10, 2006

Baby Boy Romper

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This pattern came highly recommended by Preemie Project volunteer, Linda, as an alternative to a bereavement gown for a boy. She said it was a good one and she was right. This romper features some special details without being too feminine. The stitch pattern on the yoke keeps you on your toes with many increases and decreases. Take a look at the instructions and you'll see what I mean. The stitch count jumps back and forth all over the place. It was a mystery to me as to how it was going to turn out as I was knitting it, because the picture included with the pattern doesn't show the yoke clearly. I hope you get a better idea from my photo. Set some time aside for this one. It took me about 11 hours to complete, not including the hat and booties. This set along with all my other finished items will be boxed up and mailed to The Preemie Project today. Be sure to follow these directions when you send in your donation. And, don't forget to enter the contest that runs through the end of this month.

Pattern: Baby Boy Romper
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby (Sport D.K.)
Needles: One pair of US 5 straights
Finished Size: 3-5 lbs

I had to make a decision when I came to these instructions in Row 8: K1 in strand between sts. If you follow that literally, you will end up with a hole which will result in a lace pattern like in this sweater on which the romper is based. I decided to eliminate the hole by interpreting this as a M1. It worked fine, but was very tedious as you must M1 every other stitch and this row is repeated several times. I found another version of this yoke that eliminates the hole in a different way and I may try it like this next time.

The stripe of color is worked on rows 33-36.

I hand sewed Velcro to the bottom of the romper to keep it closed instead of the recommended snap tape. I think it worked well.

To complete the set I used my old stand-by patterns for the hat and booties.

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  1. what a gorgeous set. it's so nice to find things that are suitable for boys. Thanks for the great photo. I have the pattern printed out.

  2. See... there was no doubt in my mind that you'd come up with something wonderful. Actually... it's better than I imagined. Seriously. You need to do a book on preemie pattern ideas, Tracy. Seriously.

  3. What Jean said. Really, your work is amazing. I'm grateful to you for working out all of these details so I can just follow along! Just gorgeous.

  4. P.S. I was wondering about velcro. it wouldn't be very practical for other baby garments, too much snagging on the yarn, but I thought it might work for bereavement items. I'm glad to hear it works.

  5. Tracy, this set is just beautiful - just like the girls set. I actually cast on the same romper for my Knitting Olympics project - I hope it turns out at nicely.

  6. Linda Aker9:25 AM

    Very nice. I think we are going to like this pattern. I liked the touches of color you added. I made the mistake of trying to work on the yoke of this pattern at one of the volunteer fairs I helped Laura with. I ended up ripping out everything I knitted. This one takes some concentration but is worth it.

  7. Beautiful work Tracy! I think I'll give this one a try next. I love that you give us all the details, things to watch out for, and changes to the patterns. It's such a help! :o)

  8. Again, adorable! You get so much accomplished.

  9. okay that is just too cute for words! great detailing!

  10. Once again ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing. I love that you do so many different things and all so well!


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