Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dear Readers,

Thanks for all your kind comments. Your notes are encouraging to me and I appreciate everyone of you! I like to reply to your comments by email, but it's not always possible because Blogger does not require that you leave an address in order to comment. So, I especially want to acknowledge those I have not been able to contact personally. Thank you so much. --Tracy

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From your comments, I realize I left out some details in yesterday's post. Libby and Stephanie wanted to know more about the embellishments I used on the gown set. I did some editing yesterday to add that information. Scroll down if you missed it. Also, Sara wants to know what pattern I used for the booties. So, here's what I forgot to mention yesterday...

Pattern for Booties: Michelle's Booties
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby (Sport D.K.)
Needles: US5
Finished Size: 3-5 lbs
Notes and Changes:
CO 25 sts. Work garter stitch rows and decreases. Work a K1,P1 rib for five rows, then work three rows of seed stitch. Bind off in pattern. For a special touch, add a store bought ribbon flower to each little shoe.

Pattern for Hat: Knitted Preemie Hat
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby (Sport D.K.)
Needles: US5 DPN
Finished Size: 3-5 lbs (circumference = 11")
Notes and Changes:
CO 56 sts. Work seed stitch pattern for 1". Knit until 4" from CO edge. Work decreases. Pull yarn through remaining stitches and secure. Top with a ribbon flower. Turn up edge to form cuff.


  1. YOU! Girlfriend! Are! SO! Talented!!! Holy Moly!! Somehow I missed the gown. I just can't say enough here. GORGEOUS!!!

  2. wow! i always enjoy coming to see what you have done:) big eye candy on this web blog :) always a fan of your work tracey. exactly how far away is needville from the big H town?

  3. I have been reading through the last few posts here and you my dear, are a true Christian lady, the work you do is amazing. God bless you.

  4. I love what you did with Michelle's pattern. I would like to add those changes to the pattern, with the photo, and of course, a link back to your blog.



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