Saturday, September 03, 2005

For Robyn

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A picture (sorry it's blurry) of your brother directing the band in 20 minutes of For Your Eyes Only for Parent's Night. Does that bring back memories? I saw Matt checking his watch and Mrs. Amos shaking her head each time the brass came in too early. They finally perfected it by the end though...good thing because this is one of their show tunes.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, Parents Night begins pre-game with the introduction of each football player and his parents, with pauses for pictures. Each player presents his parents with a gift provided by the booster club. Cheerleaders and parents are also introduced. The whole time, the band is providing the never ending background music. It's a long time to direct--it's a long time to play. But wait, there's more at half-time. Band parents join their children on the field and seniors and their parents are introduced. Then, everyone marches off to the fight song, ending with the little salute and "JAYS" (Robyn knows what I'm talking about).

This week we were playing Sealy. It was a close game and the Jays led for most of it, but in the end they we were not able to ring the victory bell. Final score, 17-14. Missed an easy field goal in the last minutes of the game. Next week is Homecoming.

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  1. Thank you, Mom. I love it. And those crazy brass never change (nor do the band directors). You can probably tell that I am up late - finishing homework, but part of it is an essay that I really like. When it has been through class editing I'll send you a copy. Until then...I'll let you know that it's about teeth. Guess this should have been an email. Oh well. Give my love to Matt and esp. to Dad in MS. All my love to you! Robyn


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