Monday, September 05, 2005

Meeting Goals

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The shawl has been on hold for a few days while I've been knitting hats and booties for TPP. A last minute request went out to volunteers to make just a few more so we could meet our September target. We were also asked to make large sized blankets which we were low on. The response was good and assignments were made. I am confident we will complete our goals. Every two months we will try to provide 136 hat/bootie sets and 125 blankets to The University of Iowa Hospital and Cinics. We were told that 800 babies come through their NICU every year. It is our hope to provide each baby with a hat, a pair of booties and a blanket. It's a huge undertaking and we could always use some help. Laura delivered our first donation on Friday. I'm excited to hear how that went and to see all the pictures.

The news about the devastation caused by Katrina has saddened us all. Today my husband is traveling to Mississippi with a group from work. They are bringing supplies, physical help and encouragement to fellow employees hit by this storm. Last week it wasn't certain if they would be able to secure gasoline along the way, but that has all been worked out. They will be arriving late tonight and staying for a week. The work will be hard, but they are ready to help in any way they can. I am praying that their efforts will comfort those in need.


  1. wow how wonderful of your husband to lend a hand. I've been feeling so useless b/c I cannot get down there to help out. I've been trying to think of what TPP could do to help out but I really have no idea. I think the best thing would be for me to post a bunch of links to different charities. I'm going to work on that today. You and your husband are just wonderful people. You set a great example for all.

    The donation drop off went really well. Sorry that I don't have pics up yet! (I will today) They were really busy when we were there so I couldn't get more than one boring pic. I didn't want to bug them while they were busy. I think that they may be taking some and sending them to us. They said that they were really excited to receive all of the items. =0)

  2. Thanks for knitting all of those hats and booties! So cute!

  3. I'm so glad your husband is able to actually do something for the victims. I'm getting all riled up reading blogs today with so many people complaining about the govt. but doing nothing. Cheers to your hubby for actually DOING something!

    I've been doing white hats and booties this weekend, too! Just finishing my last pair of booties!

  4. Great job on all those booties and hats! They look adorable.

  5. Love all those hats and booties. I'm working on some booties, but have been sidetracked lately.

    How great that your husband is lending a hand. I wish that I could be there and that I could help in any way. I'm sure he'll be a wonderful help and comfort.

  6. What wonderful people you are! Not everyone is able to go down there so I'm glad he and his friends can. I'm sick of all the lip around blogland too, it's so easy to criticize when one doesn't have the responsibility the other does. I prefer to tend to my OWN responsibilities! They are plenty. Also, love your hats/booties!

  7. Thanks to all the bloggers for your nice comments and to you Woolwinder for your prayers and support. Things here are OK - the people are tired and stressed but are glad to see some help arrive. Our group has been out today moving downed trees off people's houses and helping get water and supplies to those who have been cut off. I'm the cook for 20 people and so far they seem happy and well fed.
    Love to all


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