Monday, October 30, 2006

Almost There

Just a couple more inches to knit on the body of the cardigan and then I can move on to the neckband and then the sleeves.

For some knitters, the large amount of stockinette stitch in this cardigan would be a chore to finish, but not for me. I enjoy this stitch. It keeps my hands busy and my mind free. It's been the perfect project for evening knitting in front of the TV.

This cardigan has also been a good traveling companion on all of the trips we've been on lately. It's easy to put down and pick up later without having to relearn some complicated stitch pattern or spend time figuring out exactly what to do next. I'll pack it in my suitcase for this week's trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

This will be my first trip to Charleston and I'm excited about it. We'll have one full day to explore, so check back in a couple of days for pictures.

P.S. Playing around with the new template layout options on Blogger Beta. Are these color choices too hard to read? Should I go back to the white background? Let me know what you think.

Please Read: Ignore the note above about template color changes. I've already changed back. I was trying out a dark background. I liked the way the pictures "popped" on it, but the text was too hard to read. The white background is much easier on the eyes.


  1. Wow! Do YOU have a new look. The sweater is going to be great.

  2. It is pretty, but it is a bit difficult to read, much easier if I "select" everything, which makes it white type on a dark blue background. Perhaps if the blue type were, uh, brighter I suppose, to give more contrast?

  3. Nice pic!
    I was reading along thinking, no it looks great, then I saw the note that you changed back. Guess it was too hard to read.

  4. You changed back before I could see it. I think the white looks nice and clean but do agree...the black would probably make the pics really pop. Looks like you'll be done with your sweater soon -- looking forward to seeing it!

  5. That's a great picture; what beautiful scenery! And I can't wait to see the finished cardigan, it'll be great.

  6. Wow, what a great photo! And I finally get a chance to see your face! I see you have been busy with some great projects, as usual...keep up the good work.

  7. I think there are a lot of people who prefer stockinette for travel knitting - or a very very simple pattern. Several people said that the branching out scarf would be great for travel knitting. Ugh. Not for me. A 10-line chart that I can't even figure out when I look at what I just knit?! Not good travel knitting - not even good "knit a little now and then" knitting unless you KNOW that when you put it down you were at "X" spot on the chart!

    Love the color of your cardigan. I think Vera of Vera's Crafty Blog is in Charleston! She can probably tell you where the best yarn shops are! :)

  8. I'm with you on having something simple to knit. Sometimes I really need the knitting to relax and don't want anything difficult.

  9. I for one love stocking stitch as it reminds me of that feeling that I got when I first could knit. You know the one in front of the fire and seeing this wonderful knitting I was creating.(I was only 5 or 6) but I still enjoy it.

    It will look great when you have finished and sorry for my absence I am so far behind in my blog reading :(

  10. Mama Bear8:45 AM

    The sweater is looking great! I can't wait to see it finished.

    I missed the blog change, but I have always liked the clean/white look of your blog.

    Enjoy your trip!


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