Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quick Update

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Thanks to everyone for the comments on the booties from the last post. I like to respond to all comments with a personal note, but not every comment is linked to an email address. So, thank you to everyone I couldn't reach.

This week I'm traveling with John...again. It's going to be like that at least until Thanksgiving. We're in Duluth, Georgia (near Atlanta). This trip has been a good one for getting some knitting done. See the knitting in the picture above? That's the beginning of my cardigan. I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening in that chair just knitting and enjoying it. My plans for this afternoon will include more of the same.

Stopped in at Panerra Bread for lunch and to use their free wi-fi. Can't justify spending $10 a day for Internet access at the hotel when I can get it for free. That's money that I could use to buy yarn! Which by the way, I did. Full disclosure when I get back home. Until then, happy knitting.


  1. Welcome to Atlanta! Hope you have an enjoyable visit.

    (I'm in Stone Mountain)

  2. Thinking of Atlanta makes me think of...

    ...Matt throwing up in the car on his white baseball uniform...
    ...Fulton County Stadium...
    ...A full glass being held over my head at the Coke museum...
    ...Riding the gondola with you at Stone Mountain...
    ...Making pressed pennies in the Underground...

    I hope you and Dad have a great time! The cardigan sprout looks nice. Can't wait to see it in full bloom.

  3. looks like a very comfy place to knit! Can't wait to see what you bought : )

  4. safe and happy travels! that chair looks awfully comfy -- i can't blame you for wanting to sit and knit.

  5. That chair looks great! I'm glad you got some free wi-fi; Panera got me through the month and a half we had without internet in our apartment. I hope the travels go well!

  6. Yeah, nice chair. I love some comfy knitting place. Enjoy the travel, I'm jealous!

  7. Beverly9:54 PM

    Hey, Tracy! It's great to see your blog! I had forgotten about it! I need to find out from you how to develop one for myself! I saw Marli and Jaci the other day! They are growing and are nice young ladies now! Very precious sweeties! Thanks again for sharing the sock pattern with me! I've gone to town with it! In fact I've been trying my own variations! I noticed that you were in New Hampshire recently! Temple and I were there and in Maine, Vermont & Massachusetts last June! What a beautiful place to see! If you get a chance, visit the Vermont Country Store in Weston! It's like stepping back in time! Do you ever watch Knitty Gritty? It's helped me a great deal with my technique! At the moment I am knitting mittens. I hope to try gloves soon! Take care! Hope to see you soon! Beverly


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