Friday, October 27, 2006

Yarn Search

I've been looking for some black and white yarn for a hat I want to knit for a gift. I had in mind to get superwash wool or maybe a wool/acrylic blend. Something that won't shrink if thrown in the washer. I've been to several shops, but I haven't had any luck in finding something like that in both colors.

Yesterday I was in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I decided to continue my search for this elusive yarn at a yarn shop I saw listed in my yarn guide. Armed with the address, a map and a phone number, I navigated my way through the town and found the building. One problem, though. It was empty. Had they moved? Closed down? A call to the number got me a recording with the name of the shop and operating hours and a message to call back because they were probably on the phone. I called back numerous times throughout the day, but all I got was the same recording. I suppose they are out of business, but why is the phone still connected?

I decided to check out Hobby Lobby. No luck. Next on the list was Michaels. I haven't been in this chain craft store in a while. I was really surprised to find that they are now carrying Patons Classic Wool. This is 100% wool and requires handwashing, but is so affordable (only $4.99 a ball) that I decided it would work.

Began the hat last night, just to see how the yarn knits up.
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I really like it. It's a smooth worsted weight yarn. Soft. Not scratchy. The hat will not take long to knit, but I won't show it finished until after Christmas. I can't completely spoil the surprise now, can I?


  1. Strange about the phone message. Really how annoying. It's nice to see some of the box stores selling stuff other than acrylic.

  2. I too a bit surprised that Michaels is selling wool. I was in there earlier this year to pick up my yarn for the Olympic challenge and never noticed. My throw was given to an elderly client that I knew wasn't going to fiddle with hand washing and drying wool the proper way. Since I don't do crafts anymore I rarely go in there. Guess I will have to take a second look.

  3. Michaels has a great selection of Paton's Classic Wool colors. JoAnn's has it too, but not as many colors. I love knitting with it--great for hats and mittens!

  4. You know....I think we need to start playing "Where is Wool Winder?" I log in daily to see where you are next. :-)

  5. Definitely hand wash, but worth it. I love Patons Merino. Don't forget to show the finished project after the surprise is over. I want to see it!

  6. Yes, hidden away between tons of acrylic and "fun fur," Michaels had that wonderful Patons merion. I've really enjoyed using it in the past.

  7. Mama Bear10:16 PM

    Great price for a nice yarn!

    Cascade now has a superwash wool. Like Cascade 220 (similar to Patons) but washable. It cost a little more, but still a decent price.

  8. I've noticed that Michael's and Hobby Lobby have started carrying nicer yars and some wool choices. Guess with the felting craze, they had to keep up with demand. Hat looks good so far. Can't wait to see your finished cardigan.
    Linda B

  9. My first thought for your project was Brown Sheep Superwash Worsted. It's a little bit pricier but is probably widely available at yarn shops when you can find one. :)

    I have notied that Patons is offering more natural fibers and so is Lion Brand. I know LB is carrying a cashmere blend that I'd really like to get ahold of and try out!


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