Monday, May 07, 2007

On High

My favorite place to knit is on a plane. I find it to a good place to concentrate. I like that someone brings you a snack. And, the view is always spectacular.

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I'm working on a pair of socks that is based on this pattern. The yarn is Panda Wool: a blend of bamboo, wool and nylon. It's my first time to use this blend. So far I like it. I'll be able to give a more detailed opinion when the socks are finished and I wear them a few times.

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This flight is the first of four this week. First stop, Pennsylvania.


  1. We're still not allowed to knit on Australian flights. We're hoping to make it to the USA at the end of the year, but a 20 hour flight wth no knitting isn't looking attractive!!

  2. I didn't know if knitting was allowed or not. Are there "needle type" restrictions....or are knitters finally considered relatively harmless. :-)


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