Monday, August 15, 2005

Bears and Blankets

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Well, I couldn't stop at just one bear. I had to try out these two little guys. They are made from the Beginner's Bear pattern in The Knitted Teddy Bear. Both are basically the same except that one is garter stitch and one is stockinette. What is so clever about this pattern is that the ears, head and body are all one piece. It starts out as a flat rectangle shape which you seam into a tube, add stuffing and tie lengths of yarn in just the right places to shape the ears, head and muzzle. Because there are fewer pieces to knit and seam, these bears go together a lot faster. That makes them perfect for The Preemie Project (TPP).

Speaking of TPP, our first donation is coming up soon, so I've been working hard to get a few receiving blankets made before the 8/24 mail-in date. You can see two of them in the picture. It's my first attempt at crocheting, so don't look too close. But, I think they turned out nice and I liked doing it. My daughter showed me the basic crochet stitches when she was here for a visit and that helped a lot. This week I plan to make some more blankets. Some may even involve a sewing machine. Not my specialty, but maybe I can figure it out. Now where is the book that tells me how to thread the machine?


  1. So cute! I love knit teddy bears. They are all turning out so beautifully. The blankets are a wonderful idea. I had to take out my book to see how to thread was that long since I had used it!

  2. Mom, the bears are so, so cute. I'm glad that they turned out like you wanted. The blankets look great, too (even your crocheting - you don't need to be ashamed of it!) Good luck with the sewing machine. The last time I used it, it was a little crusty and creaky:).

  3. cute bears! They will be perfect. AWWW SO CUTE. I think that your blanket also looks really good. We are in DESPERATE need of more blankets. Did you see the note on the yahoo group about the sizes? There are now two sizes:
    20" by 22" and 28" by 36" of course the measurements don't need to be exact. If you've already made some that aren't these measurements don't worry.

    I SO appreciate you making blankets. I'm getting pretty worried about it. HUGS to you!


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