Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Summer's Over

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It's very quiet at home today. My husband is at work. My son started the first day of his senior year of high school. And, my daughter and her husband said good-bye a couple of hours ago after being here for a four day visit. We all had a great time together. There was knitting (the girls), computer games (the boys), Aquire and lots of food. It was fun! Wish we lived closer and were able to see each other more often. Summer break is over though and it's time to get into the school routine. But first, I think I'll knit a bear (from the book The Knitted Teddy Bear by Sandra Polley).


  1. That bear is adorable!

  2. He's so cute! I took on a couple small bears before. I can see myself making some in the future.

  3. What a cute teddy! I wanted that book. I signed up for the Crafters Choice book club and ordered that book as one of my introductory purchases. Then I later found out that they no longer had it. I was so sad! I can't wait to see your cute teddy.

    Hope you're having a good day.


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