Friday, August 26, 2005

Go Bluejays!

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Tonight begins the first of many Friday nights we will spend watching the Needville Bluejays on the field. Football in Texas is a big deal and our little town is no exception. We have a new athletic director and hopes are high for the playoffs. Nothing new about that. They are high every year. I think the last athletic director was here three years before they gave him his notice. You really have to win to keep your job when it comes to football. That's just the way it is around here, maybe where you live too. As you can see, we have our season tickets all ready to go. And although I enjoy the games, the band is really what I'm interested in. My son is a member and plays the trumpet. This year he is leading the band as one of the two drum majors. Can't wait to see the show. It's a James Bond/spy theme which I think will be fun and entertaining. Good luck to the band and the team!


  1. Woo hoo band! (okay, and football, too) I was in marching band all four years of high school and four more in college. Hope your son enjoys himself, and that the season goes well for the Bluejays!

  2. Hey, I marched all through High School and college, too! Good for YOU for being a supportive parent!! I think that's part of the reason I enjoyed band so much - my parents were at all the concerts and a lot of the football games. Yay for you too, Mom!!

  3. Steve1:11 PM

    As a Bluejay alum (2001), i remember the glorious sounds of the fight song (although my junior and senior years, the fight song was few and far between.) I am a couple of states away now, but i plan on returning can take yourself out of the hometown, but you can never take the hometown out of you.

    "Bring fame and honor to our Needville High!" GO JAYS!

  4. Steve,
    My daughter also graduated in 2001 from NHS. I plan to post the score of the football games every week. Hoping for a good season.


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