Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More Stuff

The sewing machine works! And, I can sew a straight line...sort of. Here's one of the blankets for The Preemie Project (TPP).
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I had to get a little creative with the remnants I bought the other day to make the blanket the right size. I decided to add a blanket stitch to bring some color to the edge. Besides, it's a lot faster than crocheting. I ran out of floss, but will get some more today and finish it up.

This next blanket has a cotton print fabric on the front and cotton flannel on the back, also with a blanket stitch.
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I like this one. I think I will try this with some Halloween print fabric, because I haven't found Halloween prints on flannel or fleece. When making things for preemies, it's important to keep the fabrics soft and comfortable. I think this is a good solution.

As far a knitting goes, I've been working on booties. I found this pattern. It is quick and easy. So far, I've knit four pairs. Here's a picture of three sizes.
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The pattern is written for four sizes, but I think I'll stick to these three. The fourth size would be too big I think. The goal of TPP is to present each baby with a hat, a pair of booties and a blanket. It is not required for each volunteer to make a set, but I'm feeling like I need to fill in the gap since I donated a lot of hats, but no shoes to match. There's one more week before the mail-in date, so I'll just keep going. I wonder how many I can get done?


  1. Your blankets are so cute. I really love them. Very creative use of fabrics to create a stylish finished product.

    And how cute are baby booties. I haven't knit any, and am feeling guilty. I need to find a pattern I enjoy. My goal for the next donation deadline is to knit sets. It will at least make things easier for Laura.

  2. Those blankets are just adorable. You are really getting a lot accomplished! Your commitment to this cause really shows itself in the amount of work you get done from post to post.

  3. I love it all! You are so creative! I wish I had a sewing machine sometimes. Especially for knocking out baby blankets - would really come in handy! Keep up the good work!

  4. Aww you're awesome. Thank you for helping to fill in the blanks. Please don't feel bad about the booties. I don't want anyone to feel like they "HAVE" to knit something. I should still be enjoyable.

    I will tell you that the sizes we are in most need of are the 3-5lbs and 6-8lbs. We need 50 pairs in both size. I haven't figured out how much we have yet. I think that we probably have more 3-5 than 6-8.

    Oh and of course we need blankets galore. We only have like 27 so far and 17 of those are mine. Still most of the donations have yet to come in so that might improve. I hope to do at least 25 more but that'll be a challenge. We need a total of 75 smaller ones and 50 bigger ones. WOW! We just may not make it this time.

    Thank you for all you're doing!


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