Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Weekend

It's been a beautiful weekend over here! Finally temperatures are cool enough to turn off the air conditioner (too bad that won't last). All of you from cooler climes would have been laughing at us at Friday night's football game. The temperature was about 60 degrees and we were freezing...all bundled up in blankets and buying out all the hot chocolate in the concession stand. It felt colder than it was though, because the wind was blowing hard right in our face. And it was damp too. You can laugh, it's okay. This was an important game for Needville. It was their first district game (this one counts) and things were rough from the start. A humiliating loss: Needville 6, Wharton 46. Oh well, the band looked good in their new uniforms.
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This picture is from Saturday's band competition in Edna (my son is one of the drum majors). The Bluejays performed their show called Spy vs Spy. It's a good show and the crowd enjoyed it. The judges liked it too. Needville left the competition with a 1 rating, a trophey for outstanding color guard, and a trophey for 1st place band in the 3A division. UIL band competition is in two weeks. That's the one that really counts for the band.
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  1. Awww, 60 degrees IS cold; my apartment is 60-62 degrees right now, which means that I've been wearing sweatpants a lot. Maybe the heat'll come on soon?

    Anyway, the band looks good, congratulations on the rating!


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