Monday, October 10, 2005

Rainy Day

Today it's raining, so no natural light for pictures. That's okay though, because we need rain. I plan to spend the day washing clothes and knitting. The knitting part will be fun; the washing, a necessary chore. I finished another gown set.
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This one will fit a 1-3 lb baby. It's very feminine with it's lace skirt. The next one I make will be for a boy.

Spring Purple Burial Gown
Lacy Hat
Easy Socks

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Baby Sport

Needles: US 3 for all items

Things I Changed:

*I added an eyelet row to the neckline of the gown to make it adjustable. Next time I may add an opening in the back of the bodice for easier dressing.

*I knit the hat in the round by changing the purls to knits. It
resulted in a hat that is more texture than lace. Still nice.
If you follow the directions and knit it on straight needles, you
will get a nice lace pattern.

*Also worked the socks in the round. This is the same pattern I
used before. I like these little tube socks with the eyelet row
and ribbon.


  1. This is so gorgeous. Wow. I love the rose on the hat. You have really outdone yourself. You are doing really wonderful things for the Preemie Project!

  2. You've done it again. I've already printed the patterns you used. Adorable as usual.

  3. How touching. I haven't done the burial gowns. Where do you donate them?

  4. How beautiful! I really like the texture of the hat; great job on everything!

  5. That gown is so sweet - it doesn't look much like the picture on the pattern page - yours looks better!

  6. Those are so sweet looking! You did a wonderful job. I like the texture on the hat, it really makes it pretty.

  7. Your set is very nice. Thanks for the comment on my HUGE flowers!

  8. Precious! I love the rosette on the hat--what a great touch.

  9. wow! that gown is beautiful!!! i love the eyelets,gives it a real special touch.....the rose on the hat is really cute...

  10. Just beautiful. I can't wait to see this one in person. It's perfect

  11. Your baby sets are just beautiful.

    My daughters really liked the picture of the blue hat and the horse.



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