Friday, October 14, 2005

Time Flies

How can it be Friday already? This week was a busy one with an event to attend every evening. I've been knitting every day, but didn't accomplish as much as usual. I finished another gown set though...this one for a baby boy 1-3 lbs.
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Seems like I get stuck on one type of item at a time. This will probably be the last gown set for this month. The Preemie Project mail in date for our upcoming donation is October 24. Just a little over a week left to get everything in order. Next week I will concentrate on sewing blankets. Those usually work up fast, so I hope there will also be time to make a few more hat sets and maybe another bear.

Here are the details of this set:

Yarn Caron Cuddle Soft (fingering weight)

Needles US 3


Preemie Baby Kimono
Knitted Newborn Hat (Remember the one I made before? Love how changing the yarn and needles gives it a more delicate look.)
Easy Socks (Knit in the round with no eyelet row or ribbon this time.)


  1. Very very cute. I love that hat pattern.. both of your versions are cute. And the kimono is adorable. I'm going to focus on blankets next week as well.

  2. Those things are beautiful, as always! I really like the blue accents, and they looks so cuddly soft!

  3. love it! you are so talented!

  4. So sweet Tracy! I am going to speak at a OB Gyn Clinic meeting on 11-2. I will be donating the bereavement items that day. I can't wait to show off your gorgeous little outfits. They are just perfect! Oh I just can't tell you how wonderful this is...

  5. those are so cute.

    I must confess that even two years ago, I never understood the point of making handmade preemie outfits for someone you'd never met. I thought if I got an anonymously donated sweater or quilt, that even if it was handmade it wouldn't be any more special than something bought at Stuff Mart. After all, someone made that stuff at Stuff Mart too, right?

    Then I had preemie twins, born two months early, who stayed for a month in the neonatal ICU four hours away from home. They were in a room with a tile floor, expensive monitors and incubators, and they were surrounded disposable plastic and threadbare bleached hospital linens.

    But in the incubator each baby had a handmade baby quilt, which I was told was made by some church group in California. Ours to keep. Little gold and cream quilts with zoo animals on them. Quick and easy tied quilts, but I loved them (and love them still!) It was our little piece of "home" in a terrifying sterile environment - and EVEN THOUGH I had never met these women who made these quilts, my heart is still full of love and gratitude for them.

    So - thanks for doing this for others. It really does make a difference! And I hope, when my twins are past the toddler stage, to be able to do the same for others and pass on some of the blessings I've been given!

  6. Kelly,
    Making these gifts has blessed my life in many ways. One of which is the joy I receive from making things for babies. And today's blessing was hearing from you. Thanks for the encouraging comment. It is always my prayer that the families receiving these gifts will be uplifted in some way. Now I know first hand that these small tokens of love really do make a difference.


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