Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Itty-Bitty Bunting


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The Preemie Project has requested very tiny gowns and buntings for babies less than one pound. One of our volunteers, Sara, used this pattern (Tiny Micro Preemie Gown/Bunting), casting on half the number of stitches and working the skirt in stockinette stitch instead of the lace pattern. The nurses described this gown as "the perfect fit" and said it would be good for either a girl or boy. I would have thought this style would be too feminine for a boy, but I decided to trust the judgement of the nurses and give it a try. I opted to close the bottom, making it a bunting instead of a gown. I like this better for a boy. Also, it was easy to change the look by varying the stitch pattern. I came up with three versions, but there are more possibilities just waiting to be knitted.

The three versions I came up with for these buntings from left to right are:
#1-skirt and bodice both worked in stockinette stitch.
#2-skirt and bodice both worked in garter stitch.
#3-skirt worked in seed stitch, bodice worked in stockinette stitch.

You will notice that the back is not sewn together, but is instead closed with ribbons. This makes it easy to dress the baby and is a necessary feature on clothing for babies this tiny.
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Itty-Bitty Bunting
Inspired by Tiny Micro Preemie Gown/Bunting designed Mary Glynn of Heavenly Angels in Need
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Baby Sport
Needles: US5
Finished Size: 9" from neck to cast on edge, 5 1/2" wide when opened flat
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For Skirt
Cast on 25 sts.
Work 4 rows in your choice of stitch pattern (stockinette, garter or seed). *If you want the gown to be worked in stockinette stitch, these first four rows should be worked in garter stitch or seed stitch to prevent curling. Change to stockinette stitch after the eyelet row.*
Work eyelet row: *K2tog, yo, rep from * to last stitch, k1.
Continue working in chosen stitch pattern until 7" from cast on edge.
Work eyelet row (same as above).
For Bodice
Work 3 rows in your choice of stitch pattern (stockinette, garter or seed).
K6, cast on 10, k13, cast on 10, k6.
Work 3 rows, continuing in chosen stitch pattern.
K1, p1 across row.
K1, p1 across row.
K2tog across to last stitch, k1.
BO all stitches purlwise.
Weave in ends.
Do not sew the back closed, instead weave ribbon through eyelet holes and tie in the back to close.
If you wish to make this a gown instead of a bunting, do not cinch bottom closed and decrease the length of the skirt by 1" or more.

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Itty-Bitty Hat
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Baby Sport
Needles: US 5 dpns
Finished size: 6"circumference to fit a baby less than l pound
Cast on 30 sts.
Join in the round.
Choose one of the following and work until 3/4": 1x1 rib, seed stitch or rolled brim (knit every stitch).
Then knit all rounds until 2 3/4" from cast on edge.
*K2 tog, repeat from * (15 sts)
*K2 tog, repeat from * to last stitch, k1. (7 sts)
Cut yarn and pull through remaining stitches and secure end.
Weave in ends.
Add ribbon loop topper, if desired.


I was very surprised at how narrow this bunting is. I actually double checked with Sara to make sure I had cast on the correct number of stitches.

I do not think it is necessary to make booties to complete this set because the baby's feet will be enclosed.

I would like to publicly thank Mary Glynn for designing so many wonderful patterns for premature infants. I find myself using her patterns over and over, because they are well written and work up beautifully. She deserves all design credit for the bodice of this bunting. It would have been an exact copy of the pattern she wrote that inspired this one, except that I accidently left off one knit row. I liked it this way, so I left it like that. Through this blog, I recently corresponded with Mary Glynn. She is a wonderful person with the heart of a servant and a great love for the little babies and families she helps through her group, Heavenly Angels in Need. I am blessed to have met her.
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ADDED 8/29/06: Though I had been told this narrow version of this gown was deemed a "perfect fit", I have just recently found out that the nurses now say it is too narrow. So, if you make this gown, please use more stitches in the body.


  1. Gerlinde4:27 PM

    Great project. I make things for the Preemie Project too and also for my local Hospital. Just a question about the pattern,on the one row it says CO 10 twice. I guess that it cast off like in bind off? Or maybe I'm just reading this wrong.I will try to make a few of these Buntings for Laura,she always needs the tiny tiny things.

  2. texasfirstmate@aol.com4:31 PM

    Hey Texas gal..see you are still "steady at it" making those precious things for the preemies. You've inspired me to re-join and get busy myself. Still parked in Golden, CO. Will be for at least 2 more months, but then we get to come back to Texas after that! Yeah!!!! Should be located down in Dickinson..wanna do lunch? (O:

  3. The Ahhh factor when looking at this tiny outfits in so sweet. They are just so adorable and how wonderful there are folks who make these things. I never have given a thought that tiny babies would need little outfits like that. Are you going to do any in pink or green or yellow? I might get brave one day and try one of them.

  4. Tracy, you're such a blessing to so many people! I'm glad to be knitting buddies with you and all the wonderful people involved with The Preemie Project:D

  5. These are so precious. Any family would be touched by your gift! I have been meaning to try these, but wasn't sure about the pattern. Tracy to the rescue, as usual!

  6. Tracy, I was wondering if adding sleeves might make the bodice a little less feminine looking. I may see if I can work in some sleeves on these, now that you've done the wonderful work of expanding on the instructions.

    I assume this row:

    K6, CO 10, k13, CO 10, k6

    is where the sleeve shaping occurs? It probably is obvious while you're knitting rather than just reading the pattern.

    Again, beautiful work.

  7. Gerlinde,
    CO means "cast on". I'll do some editing to make it clear.

  8. those are absolutely adorable! so teeny tiny! give you a perspective..... love the texas square too :)

  9. Tracy, you are an angel. And possibly psychic! I spent quite a while earlier today looking for what pattern you use and finally gave up - and here you posted about it just a while later. heh I bought some white yarn last weekend for making some of these - now it's time to get started! Thanks for the pattern help. I know you have inspired a lot more people to participate in the Preemie Project. :)

  10. how wonderful. thanks so much for posting what you did with the patterns.

    I think these will be great for a boy.

  11. It's heartbreaking how small those are. I am sure the paren'ts of the little sweeties will get a lot of comfort out of your beautiful work, Tracy. You yourself have a wonderful heart for serving others, and I'm glad to "know" you.

  12. A word about whether these might be "too feminine" for boys - I don't think it's possible. These are for babies that died. Babies. Not a teenager or even a toddler. I don't think even flowers or bows would be too feminine for these little burial buntings. We don't give a second thought to flowers at a man's funeral. Definitely not too feminine for boys.

  13. Tracy - as soon as I am through with the great blanket project, I am going to joint the Preemie Project and knit some things. In my former life (before law school) I worked as a pediatric respiratory therapist, and dealt with many preeemies..........I definitely see the need here.....thanks for your wonderful work, and for spreading the word........

  14. It is so hard to imagine that some babies are born that tiny. Beautiful knitting.

  15. Beatiful work I will be posting my patterns on my blog as well. After seeing Tracy's work I decided to start a blog where other bloggers can use our patterns to help more babies! It was designed to share patterns Tracy I hope this helps. This will be the only new spot to find my patterns. As they will only be in HAINs member area on our website. We will keep the ones up of course but any new ones. So keep visiting I did this for you


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