Friday, March 31, 2006

Lesson Learned

When it comes to knitting hats for The Preemie Project, I rarely use patterns that require seaming. No reason, really. I just like that when I'm finished knitting, I'm finished with the hat. But, I wondered if I was missing out on some great patterns. I was! Here are a couple.

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Both the hat and the booties are knitted flat and seamed.

Hat Pattern: Denny's Heather Hat (there's a sweater pattern too!)
I used sport weight yarn (Red Heart Soft Baby) and US 5 needles. Next time I may make it a little bit shorter. This hat will fit a 3-5 lb baby.

Booties Pattern: Easy and Quick Booties
For these, I also used sport weight yarn and US 5 needles. I'm adding this pattern to my favorites list! Finally, another pattern for booties that works up quick, easy and cute. I don't know why it took me so long to try it.

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Pattern: Denny's Broken Rib Hat
This is the hat that I tried to knit in the round and ended up with the Preemie Spiral Hat. This time I knitted it flat, but changed the yarn (sport weight), the needle size (US 5) and the number of stitches cast on (55sts) to get a hat that will fit a 3-5 lb baby. I decided not to turn the cuff, so I knitted the ribbing for only 1".

From now on, I'm not going to let a little seam keep me from trying a new pattern. These hats are so small that it doesn't take much time for the sewing and the seams aren't even noticeable.


  1. Love the hat! It's a real cutie!

  2. I like the new patterns but totally agree with you about seaming. Here I thought that ditching crochet would leave all that seaming behind. Guess not! I am taking my first sweater class and guess what...seaming is required. Darn it!! lol

  3. OK a lesson from you on seaming!!! Which method did you use?


  4. Oh, what a sweet, sweet hat!!

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Tracy, I appreciate that you are able to get your knitted items up on your site so quickly. I always try the pattern after i see what you have done with it. I am very inspired by your creativity! Mary Kay

  6. These are adorable, love the pattern and color of yarn you used. I'm working on a baby afghan for a friend right now, but hope to try some of these soon.
    Linda B


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