Monday, March 06, 2006

Texas Square

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This square is on it way to Christine for a blanket she will make for her brother Jef and his wife. It will be joined together with other knitted 8" x 8" squares in many shades of blue, all kinds of yarn and various stitch patterns. No doubt some of the squares will be intricate in design while others will be simple. Some will be knitted by experienced hands and some will be first attempts by beginners. Together this hodgepodge of designs will become a blanket of comfort--a way to say that we know that what you are experiencing is exceedingly difficult and we care. One thing I know for sure, this blanket will be beautiful! How can it not be with all the love behind it!

Pattern: Knitted Texas Cloth
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Needles: US 5
Thoughts: I chose this square for Jef's blanket because it represents my home, a place of comfort to me.


  1. teary is SO beautiful! I love the Texas in it........
    Thanks so much!!
    Now that I'm starting to see some of the squares, I am SO excited to seam them all together.

  2. Tracy you're so awesome! What a wonderful perfect square for the afghan. :)

  3. I just came to your site via Knitting on Trial. I am a displaced native Texan and dearly love your square. Now I have to have the pattern. That would make the neatest gift for my grown son and his wife as a whole afghan. That is totally cute!

  4. As always, your projects always inspire me. I now have way too many projects on my To Do list. But, I would like to make a square too - I checked out the pattern and noticed it called for size 7 needles - did you find that that would be too large? Did the size 5's work out to an 8x8 square? Thanks!


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