Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sock #1

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One down. One to go. I started this sock as soon as I finished John's Trekking socks. It's knitting up much faster than his. Could be because it's for me and I have a smaller foot or maybe the self-striping yarn is compelling me to keep on knitting. The yarn I'm using is a wool/cotton/nylon blend that should be perfect for the warm climate of Texas.

This basic crew sock has short row heels and short row toes (Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts method). It's the best fitting sock I've ever made! The only trouble I'm having with the short row heel is a gap develops in the last few stitches. Of course, I never notice this until I'm way past the point of going back and fixing it. There are some things to do to avoid this gap, so I'll see how the next sock goes.

Can't wait to finish this pair. If I could knit as fast as these ladies, I'd have a drawer full of hand knit socks in no time. Jean met these ladies on a visit to Fair Isle. Click here for the post that goes with the video. I'm totally amazed!


  1. Pretty sock! The video blows my brain. I watched it once, shrieked, and was compelled to watch it three more times. Do those ladies give speed-knitting seminars?

  2. Lovely colors! Self-striping yarn compels me to knit more! "just one more row. Have to see what the next color does"

  3. Pretty socks Tracy! I've been really happy with the short row heels and toes I've done in the past.

    The vacation photos are so great and your cotton post really brought back memories of when I first moved to Texas and we used to travel from College Station to Lampasas nearly every weekend to my ex inlaws. Lots of cotton through there.

  4. The socks are lovely! Great colors.

    As a child I lived across from cotton fields, and some of my Uncles worked in the cotton gins. Lots of memories!

    The knitting video is great! I would love to see them in person.

    Mama Bear

  5. That video is CRAZY!! If it werent for the talking and the other movements appearing to be at normal speed, I would have thought that they had played it in fast forward LOL. Wish I could knit that fast...

  6. Very nice colours!

    I think the first sock is fun, the second one mostly boring to knit *g*.

  7. That yarn would keep me knitting for sure. What a great colors.

    That video is so funny. I don't think my finger could ever move that fast!


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