Wednesday, September 27, 2006


We spent a lot of the day in the car driving. Most of time we were on the Turnpike or Parkway. Not much to see but trees and they haven't started to show their fall color yet, so not many pictures today.

Visited a couple of company facilities. One is in the Meadowlands which is just across the river from Manhattan.
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It was a bit hazy/smoggy. When we first arrived the air was actually brown, but it cleared up some before we left.

Worked on the sock while John tended to business.
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John and I have been reminiscing about when we lived in New Jersey. It was almost twenty years ago. We were in our twenties, our daughter was four years old and our son was not yet born when we were transferred here. Our stay was short (only about three years), but it was full of happy memories. Some of which include Robyn's first day of school and Matt's birth. I loved living here and I hope to visit our old place before we leave.

We're staying in Clinton for a couple of nights. Tomorrow I plan to go yarning and exploring.

To be continued...


  1. If you do go to the old house, take a big whiff of the alfafa field + lilac bushes for me!!

  2. I love sharing your trip with you like this. hehe Your sock is pretty!!

  3. Ohhh yarning! Have fun. I enjoy your photos of the cities and the beach. Really nice to get a feel for the cities you are in.

  4. Joani6:43 PM

    Hi Wool Windings. I am a fellow Needvillian. I happened upon your site and seem to have caught you mide-trip.
    I have been crocheting for years, but have just started learning to do some knitting stitches. Knit and Purl to be exact. I very much want to find someone to learn a little more about tension and to practice with. Please email me at or


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