Monday, October 15, 2007


007 Snap a Dozen Days

Sunset at Matagorda Beach

October is a great month to be outdoors. It is still warm here, but not oppressively hot--just perfect for a day at the beach. The sunsets are especially nice this time of year. I hope to experience this sight many more times this month right from this very spot.

Gotta run. The kids are still here and we have things to do. More about our weekend later this week


  1. Hmph. I guess October is a great month to be outdoors for some people. :-) It's been pretty much raining non-stop all month here in the northern midwest... I guess this is all the rain we didn't get over the summer. I really should have gone down to join you at the beach. :-)

    Have fun while the kids are still there!

  2. Lovely sunset! I'll bet the stars are great at night at the beach, too!

  3. The sunsets here are breath taking too. It is one the best parts of living in the warm yummy south.


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