Friday, October 05, 2007

Pair #18

Fresh off the needles...or maybe not so fresh?

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I don't know why the dogs had to sniff my new socks. My feet were not stinky. I promise.

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Plain O' Stockinette Socks
Online Supersocke Cotton
45% Cotton, 40% Wool, 15% Nylon
Beach 946
Short-row heels and toes
US 1 on 64 stitches

And since I already had my feet propped up, I stayed outside just a bit longer to take in the Hummingbird Show. (Click the next two for bigger.)

At times it was dramatic.

And at other times, comical.

The best entertainment is sometimes right in your own backyard!

Get outside this weekend and enjoy what God has created (even if it's raining). You'll be glad you did.

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!
--Psalm 46:10


  1. Pretty socks. And great hummingbird photos - those are hard to get!

  2. I love to start my weekend with your posts. It always inspires me to find serenity in my backyard.

  3. lovely socks. I also quite enjoyed the hummingbird pictures. All of ours have gone now.

  4. great socks!
    The hummingbird is a riot!

  5. I love those socks! Lovely colors - and the dogs sniffing the socks are just the perfect touch.

    Great shots of the hummingbird!

  6. Great socks! Where do you get your sock patterns??

    I always enjoy your photos the hummingbirds are fantastic!

    Have a great weekend. I hope to get out and hike the state park I drive thru everyday and enjoy the fall colors even it it's supposed to be 90 degrees!

  7. Love the socks, the colors are so soft and pretty.

  8. The socks are so pretty! And those are fantastic humming bird photos ;o)

  9. Your socks turned out great. Love the colours (as I said before), very "beachy"!!

  10. Those socks remind me of the colors of cotton candy:-) They are sooo pretty!

  11. You know how I love the socks. I finally have the second skein so I can finish my second sock. I have a set on the needles now so will finish those first. I have so many skeins of sock yarn and figure I should keep going while I am on a roll.

    My parents used to feed the humming birds at Lake Whitney. It sure was a show when we would sit on their back porch. Who needed TV?

  12. I love how the socks turned out. I actually purchased the same sock yarn when you posted it earlier. I can hardly wait to make a pair out of it. Love the beach, wish I was as close to it as I use to be.

  13. I think you have our hummingbirds! LOL Your first posts about them showing up was about 1 week after ours all disappeared. Well.. we actually had to take in our feeders because there were 2 young slackers, who thought they would just stay where the feeding was good, not realzing if they didn't head out, they would freeze this winter. We have the same feeder even.


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