Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Greetings from Colorado Springs

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Garden of the Gods

I got my trip to Colorado after all. John is here for a meeting, but we will have time to explore too. Drove through Garden of the Gods this evening. We had planned to get out and hike, but the weather was not cooperating (rain and lightning). If things are better tomorrow, I'll probably spend most of the day there with the camera. We saw several nice deer. This guy was kind enough to pose for a picture.

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I guess park deer are used to this kind of thing.


  1. The deer and elk in CO are usually very accommodating. Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Beautiful picture!!

  3. Paula2:38 PM

    Man, I haven't been to Garden of the Gods in about ten years! Thanks for making me think of it, I'm way overdue to be pulling out those old pictures. :-)


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